Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every year I stress over the perfect gift to get the dads in my life for Father’s Day, but I try to remember my Father’s Day Gift Guide rules:

  • Something that they would love but wouldn’t buy for themselves
  • Something they have never seen before
  • Something I made
  • An experience we can share

You see, I LOVE giving gifts- picking out the perfect present is a passion of mine and it is partially selfish. I adore the look on their face when they see what I so painstakingly put together.

Here are few ideas for the dad in your life, my your gift convey all of the heavy lifting (literally and metaphorically) he has done for you!

Custom Cocktail
Most dads have a favorite drink, and bourbon seems to be a liquor that has stood the test of time. Men in all age ranges of fatherhood order a version of cocktail with bourbon- from Manhattan to Old Fashioned to plain ol’ on the rocks. Give dad a custom cocktail kit paired with his favorite cigar and a card– this is high up on my list for the Father’s Day gift guide.

Looking for a bourbon with a bit of family history? Angel’s Envy was the only independent project of Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, who was responsible for the creation other brands such as Gentleman Jack. He co-created Angel’s Envy with his son Wes, and now his grandsons are continuing the legacy. It has rave reviews from all sites I frequent, and is the best bang for your buck at the under $75 category. Locals, you can pick this up at Binny’s!

Create a cocktail just for dad and pair with his brand of cigar. Add in monogrammed rocks glasses, a mixing pitcher, strainer and large ice cube mold for the total package!

Double Duty Diaper Bag

Is there a new dad in your life? Does he gingerly tote around your diaper bag, hiding it because well…it doesn’t look like something a dude would carry? My husband had his own diaper bag- a basic black backpack, but it didn’t come with a changing pad. Totally necessary. I just spied the Sprout Duffel from Hershel (best backpack brand, hands down), and it transitions perfectly from gym bag to diaper bag and back. and comes complete with a changing pad that has a pocket for wipes and diapers. What item will get more use in this Father’s Day gift guide than a diaper bag for dad?

Tech Tally
My dad has an iPhone and an Apple Watch, and I imagine many other tech-forward dads have this combo as well. Dad is incredibly organized, and a million gadgets with different chargers drive him bonkers. I ran across this Griffin combo watch stand/charger/iPhone charger and think it is brilliant. Everything in its place, and no more searching for your phone/watch on your way out the door.

Best Buds

I went running the other day and somehow managed to tangle myself in my earphone cords. Ridiculous, I know, but I tried blue tooth ear buds a few years ago and was so annoyed by their lack of functionality that I tossed ’em. Times and technology have definitely changed, and the #1 recommended pair by CNET is the Jabra Elite 65t. They claim that the buds beat out the AirPods on sound quality. You can upgrade to the Active version for a bit more, but they are sold out on most sites. This is #1 in many Father’s Day gift guide posts as well.

Baseball Bonding

What is more classic than catching a game with dad? You don’t have to go crazy and splurge on MLB tickets- the experience you share together is worth more than emptying your bank account for behind-home-plate passes. In Chicago, we have a number of minor league teams that are incredible, and extremely family-friendly if you are bringing the whole crew. I recently attended a Chicago Dogs game and loved how spacious, inexpensive and unique the park was. They are hosting a pre-game Father’s Day Catch on the field along with $3 popcorn and $3 bottomless fountain drinks. Tickets to any game start at just $9!

Savory Snacks & Fave Flick

My dad and I both adore action movies- I have so many memories of nights spent watching Indiana Jones, Die Hard or Terminator. Grab a throwback film that you used to watch on repeat, dad’s favorite savory snacks like peanuts in the shell or popcorn, drink of choice and spend an evening reminiscing while watching. Need inspiration? Here is the list of the 100 Greatest Action Movies of All Time!

Superior Specs

Is your dad still wearing glasses from when you were in elementary school? Maybe it is time for an upgrade. Grab dad a gift certificate to Warby Parker, and let him pick out a pair that he loves!

They make it easy by selling certificates in amounts that typically correspond to a new pair of glasses or sunglasses.

However you celebrate dad, make sure to tell him how much he means to you with or without words. A phone call, hug or just spending time together goes a long way!

Cheers to celebrating dad in whatever way puts a smile on his face!