5 Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Actually Like

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. If it snuck up on you, don’t worry….you aren’t alone. There will be plenty of us on Amazon trying to overnight stuff.

FYI- dad doesn’t want something lame that will sit on his desk/dresser/nightstand and he will never use. Do something original, exciting and made for him!

Here are my top 5 unique items to grab for dad that he will adore!

Beer Tubes

Does the dad in your life love beer? How about parties? This awesome invention is for him! I recently discovered Beer Tubes, which is a mass drink delivery system that 2 guys who wanted to keep their beer cold at the bowling alley invented. They hold 100 or 128 oz. of your beverage choice and keep the drink cold with the high-density co-polyester material or Chill Stick. There is also a Craft Beer Flight dispenser- perfect for holding a growler-full and hosting a craft beer tasting party! I recently talked about Beer Tubes on WCIU– let me tell you, that was one FUN segment!

If your dad loves throwing sports viewing parties- Super Bowl, World Series, NASCAR Cup Series, WWE Raw marathons, this will immediately elevate the atmosphere. Beer Tubes are available in a range of sports bases:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Billiards
  • Bowling
  • Football/Helmet
  • Golf Ball
  • Hockey Mask
  • Race Tire

Beer Tubes start at $139 for a complete system- order yours here!

Me, still trying to talk as the always hilarious Jon Hansen chugs a full beer during the segment

Sports Injury Kit

My husband plays in the 40 and over sports league with a bunch of other neighborhood dads. I would say 50% of the time he comes home with some sort of injury. Baseball season = sliding injuries. Basketball season = elbow to the face. Golf season = pulled muscles.

Dads get injured too!

He is constantly coming home, searching for the appropriate items to remedy the situation. If the dad in your life is like the husbands in our ‘hood, put together a Sports Injury Kit. Include these necessities:

  • Ice Packs
  • Gauze
  • Neosporin
  • Band Aids
  • Ace Bandage
  • Pain reliever
  • Icy Hot

The Barrel Run Brewery Tour

If you live in Chicago, you are in luck- we have an amazing mobile beer barrel that takes guests on brewery and distillery tours! For $70, you visit three breweries with tastings at each. Grab a gift certificate for dad or just book on their website.

Photo: The Barrel Run

Sporting Event Tickets

Is there anything better than sitting in the sun, soaking up the energy of a fast-paced baseball game? I recently took the kids to see the Kane County Cougars, about an hour from the North Shore. Tickets were widely available, inexpensive, and the entire stadium is kid-friendly. They are hosting a slew of Father’s Day specials- pre-game catch with dad in the outfield, Kids Eat Free on Sunday, pre-game team autographs, KidZone activities, and Suite-Level packages. Find your local farm team and treat dad to a game!

Little Miss Charlotte at the Kane County Cougars, seated on the Lawn

Ping Pong Partner

Want a night out with your own dad, but looking for something more than just grabbing a beer? Try AceBounce, a bar with a bouncy twist. They combine award winning chefs and mixologists serving gourmet food & drink to you at your ping pong table. This concept was started in London, and was so popular they decided to bring it stateside. Sip, play, and socialize in the US’s first AceBounce at the corner of Clark & Wacker.

Above all, just let the dad(s) in your life know how much you care. A card, a call or a hug can go a long way! CHEERS!