Last Minute Father’s Day Finds

Are you in the end of school year haze, when all of the sudden you are hit by the fact that THIS (yes this) weekend is Father’s Day? Poor dad has to have a day that resides smack dab in the aftermath of teacher gifts and field trips. If you have let it go until now, here are some awesome ideas to snap up ASAP!

Give Dad More(l) of Your Love!

Morel Mushroom Growing Kit- $32.95

Apparently where my parents live, morel mushrooms are en vogue. My parents like to cook and garden, so I thought a grow your own mushroom kit was awesome! Ok, might seem weird to you, but at least it isn’t another tie or money clip…purchase it here on Amazon and ship it straight to dad with free 2 day Prime shipping!

Let Dad Do the Wine-ing! Gift Packages

Does your dad love wine? Does he know what kind he likes? So many people enjoy wine but aren’t confident enough to buy a bottle without tasting it. takes the guesswork out of it. You can pick a gift package, starting at $24.95 plus shipping, that allows them to “try before they buy.” The gift comes in the form of a redeemable code- so easy!

Dapper Dad

Most of you are familiar with Birchbox, the beauty subscription box for women that costs $10/month. They also offer Birchbox Man– a selection of 4-5 grooming samples plus a lifestyle product for $20/month. You can purchase gift subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months, and they will throw in a pair of Bombas Calf Socks for free. A friend of mine said she is usually jealous of her husband’s haul, so it sounds pretty decent!

Give Dad the Give of Great Grub

Most dads I know have a  true passion for the grill- so much that it is a sacred space, reserved for only those with the knowledge that is apparently genetic. Get the dad in your life the ultimate BBQ gift- The Father’s Day Trunk from Taste Trunk! On sale right now for $67.50 (originally $135), it includes 16 gourmet BBQ items including grilling planks and a block of Himalayan salt (although I have no clue what to do with it, I am sure it is an impressive accoutrement).

The Father’s Day Trunk on Taste Trunk

Help Dad Avoid Screwed Up Steaks

I use a meat thermometer when I am cooking anything in the oven, but it has this long cord that stretches out to the counter, and I am terrified that one of my kids is going to yank it. Also, many a time I have been assisting a tot with some random disaster and my dish gets over done. The iGrill mini is the cutest (I mean, manliest) little device- it comes with a probe that transmits the temperature info to your iPhone. You can set custom temperature alarms so freedom to go grab a cold one while the grill is going. Ok, not sure how long this would take to ship, but maybe they have it in the Apple store? This is cool enough to print out a pic of it and say “gift to follow.” It’s cool, dad is probably used to us all being sort of slackers 😉

iGrill Mini

What are you grabbing for dad? Tell me!!