Father’s Day Is WHEN!?!?

Yes, it is true…Father’s Day is this weekend. Don’t freak out, I am here to help! Here are some great ideas that you can give without fear of a late arrival.

Try Some Ties

Hermes. Brooks Brothers. Barneys. Sound out of your price range? Not so! This is a great twist on the classic Father’s Day gift. TieTry allows your baby daddy to sample dozens of designer ties to class up his boring business-wear. Think of it as Rent the Runway for ties (or Netflix for ties for those who aren’t familiar with the amazing rent-a-masterpiece apparel company). Check out the deal on 8moms.com and use promo code FB10 at checkout on their site for an extra 10% off the already low price of $15 for 2 months!

Grill ‘Em

My husband loves to grill in the summer months…and I love not having to make dinner every night. Win win. Give your hubby a homemade grill kit- head to Target, the grocery store or a specialty spice market (if you want to get swanky) and compile an assortment of grill accessories. Check out the post on Mom on Timeout for examples and cute printables!

Sweet Pics

Dad knows you love him, but does he know why? TELL HIM! Everyone wants to hear how wonderful they are 🙂 The blog Positively Splendidgives you the instructions and free printables to make this memorable gift happen.

Nails & Screws

Get your mind out of the gutter! I am talking hardware, woman! My dad put together an awesome gift for my husband, one that he will use for years to come and I am not allowed to touch. He compiled every type of nail & screw that a DIY guy could ever want and packaged it in an organized case. Take a look:

Hope some of these ideas are helpful! Best of luck in beating the deadline 🙂