Winter Wardrobe Tips

So…I like to wear dresses and skirts as opposed to pants. Yes, they can be annoying when I am playing in the jump house with the kids, but I am just more comfortable for some reason. Here are some wardrobe tips that I hope might make it easier to throw on a skirt as opposed to sweats (but hey, I’m not hating on warm, comfy apparel, especially in Chiberia).

I am such a fan of high-waisted skirts, maybe because I have the longest torso known to (wo)man and this gives me more balanced proportions. This particular grey wool pencil skirt is Banana Republic via Goodwill ($3.99, baby!).

TIP: If you have a sweater that is too short, you can tuck it into a high-waisted skirt and no one will be the wiser. Here’s my favorite tip for creating a sleek silhouette when tucking in a shirt or sweater (which can often result in unwanted bulkiness or your sweater tugging out of place as you move). Tuck it into your tights. SO sexy, I know, but the band on the tights will keep your sweater in place. This gorgeous pink cashmere sweater is a hand me down from one of my friends- LOVE IT! Tights are fleece-lined Warm Regards from Francesca’s (buy one get one 50% off right now).

Winter Wardrobe Tips: Tuck Tops into your Tights

Adding a belt can pull your outfit together- I added a black on black python print patent leather skinny belt (I think I paid $5 for it on clearance at The Limited- I NEVER pay full price for belts) to tie into my black patent leather booties. TIP: With belts, tuck the end in or use Fashion Tape to adhere it if the end isn’t long enough.

Winter Wardrobe Tips: Glasses, Belts and Statement Necklaces

I added a chainmaille collar to add a bit of tough sweetness to the girly pink sweater (another clearance find from Target years ago).

TIP: I like to match my metals when putting outfits together. The muted silver of the necklace goes with the silver buckle of the belt and blends nicely with the silver accents on the booties. Mixing metals does have a time and place, but I think keeping it in one tone makes it clean.

TIP: Glasses are one of the best accessories you can invest in- form and function (and you can usually use your FSA to purchase). These glasses are my favorite accessory- mine are from Iristocracy, Jean Reno and I wear them ALL the time, especially when my contacts dry out in this cold weather.

TIP: Wear two pairs of shoes. When I travel to most events, I have two pairs of shoes- a travel pair and an event pair. This way, your feet will be comfy when going to and from and cute when mingling- they won’t kill before you even walk in the door. Here are my comfy shoes vs. cute shoes for the day. Yes, the patent leather booties are cute, but umm….not in this snow. I rocked the Sorels all day except for this shoot, ’cause, ya know, I am a real mom with real things to do and high heels in the snow don’t work.

Winter Wardrobe Tips: Cold Weather Shoes

TIP: As for winter makeup, I love a pink punch for cheeks and lips especially if you are fair-haired/fair-skinned. The blush is Stila Custom Color Blush in Coral (reacts to your body’s pH to create the perfect shade) and the lip gloss is Jouer (Birchbox Pink).

Winter Weather Tips: Pink Cheeks and Lips

Any winter wardrobe tips you want to share? Do tell!