Winter Sales = Amazing Deals

I love this time of year…no, not because I love snow and ice, because of the post-holiday sales! This is the time of year when many stores offer a % off of the clearance price, usually the best price you will get on an item. I headed to Old Orchard yesterday (yes, Charlotte came with me, and no, she didn’t freeze because I was born in the Midwest and know how to dress a baby for a blizzard…but she was mistaken for a boy about 10 times because of the layers I piled on). Here are the great deals I found!!

Banana Republicadditional 60% off of clearance prices in store

I have been looking for a pair of nude shoes with a pointed toe for a long time; I feel the perfect pair is elusive and/or insanely expensive. These shoes are *gasp* comfortable and adorable- two generally mutually exclusive adjectives when it comes to shoes. I have come to the realization that I need an ankle strap- I either walk out of pumps or they are too tight without one.

Winter Sales- Nude Zipper Detail Pumps from Banana Republic

Original price: $138
Sale price: $89.99
I paid: $35.99

And this bracelet? I am a sucker for any type of fabric or leather bracelet that fits snugly on my wrist because I always seem to bash my kids when I wear bangles.

Winter Sales- Leather and Gold Studded Cuff from Banana Republic

Original price: $45
Sale price: $28
I paid: $11.20

I also found some opaque black leggings (open package) for a little over a buck! Make sure to take the time and search the jewelry/accessories area. There are some real gems (pun intended). 

Expressadditional 30% off clearance prices in store

I think many fit and flare dresses scream for tiny, petite belts to pull them together. It is so tough to find a skinny belt that fits perfectly- if it is too snug, it creates wrinkles. If it is too loose, it shifts. This belt has a sliding adjustment in the back- brilliant. I bought this to go with a pair of fabulous muted silver shoes that I purchased from WHBM for next to nothing at the end of summer (although Charlotte took a chunk out one of the toes during an aggressive teething stint- WAH!).

Winter Sales- Silver Skinny Belt from Express

Original price: $24.99
Sale Price: $9.99
I paid: $6.99

What deals are you finding? Any steals that you want to brag about?