A Thank You Gift for Yourself

Have you said “Thank You” to yourself lately? I KNOW you worked hard during 2014, whether it was in your cubicle or in your kitchen. I decided to buy myself a thank you gift for all the kick ass things I accomplished (and an it’s ok, hang in there! gift for all the things that didn’t pan out like I thought they would).

Here are some things I accomplished:
I kept my kids alive and relatively unharmed
I continued to write for my blog (coming up on 4 years now), but also became Style Editor for The Little Style File
I made some new friends and had some fabulous moments with old friends 

Here are some things I failed miserably at:
Keeping my house neat & tidy

Me, on a regular basis

Figuring out medical bills (they are a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in red tape)
Making my kids pose for enjoyable photos (I do it way past the point that they are enjoying it)

Poor little Charlotte…

I received a $30 Fashion Project gift card from my FabFitFun box (that yes, I recently cancelled because I don’t need another stinky candle or an awkward bullet (??) necklace) that I decided to put to good use to reward myself.

The premise of Fashion Project is that you can donate high end pieces (brands range from J. Crew to Jimmy Choo, Sam Edelman to Saint Laurent) and they are then sold online, with 55% of net proceeds going to your charity of choice. You get: good karma and a tax receipt. You can obviously purchase some of these designer goods as well, and get a pretty sweet deal on some awesome pieces, like up to 90% off retail (in addition to inadvertently giving money to charity).

Case in point:
I have been looking for a metallic clutch for a while, something with a statement embellishment that won’t overpower my look. I saw this gorgeous Linea Pelle bag with chunky chain for $45 and quickly snagged it:

Linea Pelle Gillian Gold Clutch from Fashion Project
Linea Pelle Gillian Clutch in Gold

Retail price: around $140
Fashion Project price: $45

It was in amazing condition, can hold an iPhone, car keys, lipstick AND an airplane bottle of your favorite booze (kidding…kind of).

Here are a few other choice pieces I found newly listed in Fashion Project, few if any are over $100:

Latest Looks on Fashion Project- Designer Clothes & Accessories
From top left: French Connection Dress, Diane Von Furstenberg Dress, Miu Miu Heels, Dolce Vita Booties, J. Crew Purse, Diane Von Furstenberg Skirt, French Connection Dress, Coach Gloves, Nanette Lepore Jacket

When I use my new clutch in 2015, I will be proud of all that I accomplished and be OK with the things I let slide. I’m human. Let’s celebrate our wins and learn from our losses, shall we?



    • January 6, 2015 / 10:39 pm

      YAY!!! Let's get together soon- I love cracking up over the craziness that we call our lives 😉 I adored your NYE looks, so classy and chic. I am sure there have to be some events we can hit up in the near future!!