The Mommy Style File: Tame That Frame

Q: I am quite a curvy gal, more so after having kids. Any thoughts on some great dresses that will help hide the extra bulk?

A: Curves are back in a big way. From Christina Hendricks to Nicki Minaj, Baby Got Back is the new theme song for a runway strut. Ok, so you have some curves…but you want to keep them in check lest they run away on you. See these 3 looks below to tame that frame!

Ponte Perfect

I am loving the ponte dresses. For those not in the know (no worries, I had to look it up too), ponte is the way a fabric is knitted. It makes it firm yet stretchy as opposed to flimsy or sheer. Ponte travels well, holds up to multiple washings and flatters your figure. What many women don’t think about is that fabric content, fit and quality are major components of how garments lay on their body. That is why that $200 pair of jeans makes your bootie pop while the $20 pair lets you down after a few washes. Snag a ponte dress to keep those curves in check. The wide belt also helps define the waist.

Merona Women’s Ponte Pocket Dress in Orange Flame- $25 on sale @ Target

Vertical Color Block

Everyone has heard the old adage that horizontal stripes add pounds like a gallon of Chubby Hubby. Would you believe that vertical stripes can subtract those pounds? Miracle! I was checking out a photo of a curvy celeb the other day and it was a total optical illusion. She had a dress on with black stripes down the side and with a black background, the black stripes disappeared. She looked about a size 0. Get her look for less, because I am pretty sure her Stella McCartney was inching toward $1,000.

Kate Winslet (Photo via Styelist)
Mossimo Women’s Sleeveless Colorblock Dress in Black/Railroad Gray/Tool Gray- $27.99 @ Target

What A Cinch!

The shirt dress, to my knowledge, has never officially gone out of style. From 50s housewife to preppy East-coaster, this classic style has maintained a place in fashion history. Why? because I have yet to find someone it doesn’t look good on. Mega important detail: the key on this is the cinched waist. I have seen some shirt dresses that look like nightgowns…and I have yet to see someone look good in those. Most stores have a version of this dress, so I have all the confidence you can find it at your price point!

Classic Shirtdress in navy- $158 @ J. Crew