Best Gift Ever. Period. Hands Down.

We had our friends L. and D. (E) over for dinner a few weeks ago. When L. walked in the door, I was whipping up some crème brûlée at the stove so could only see her from the waist down…and that is when I saw it. The most adorable little purse! It was white, quilted and had a gold cord handle. (Amazed that I could spot a new handbag at 20 feet away through a staircase? Me neither).

I finally finished my dessert and came over to say hi…and L. handed the purse to me. It wasn’t a purse after all- it was even better.

Now, what could be better than a new purse you ask?

A new purse filled with wine!


The box holds about 2 bottles of wine and is available in the following varieties:

Rosé: An intense bouquet of wild strawberry, raspberry and rose petals mingle with complex flavors of freshly picked red berries on the palate.

Pinot Grigio: A charming white with a bouquet of white flowers, green apple and peach and delightfully crisp flavors of apple and white pear that lead to a long, elegant finish.

Merlot-Pinot Noir: A silky, vibrant red showcasing complex notes of red berry, cherry and currant, with a hint of vanilla, that leads to a long, stylish finish.

You won’t find it at any old grocery or liquor store. Check out the Volére website for more info and to find where this boozy little boutique accessory is sold!

(Totally unrelated topic, but crème brûlée is NOT hard to make and goes amazingly well with wine! Plus, you get to use a sweet torch…which your sig other can use for lighting his cigars. Yes, mine did that).


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