Double Duty: Not for the Faint of Heart

I have found myself using items that were meant for my little guy in innovative ways and vice versa. Take a look at these products, but only read on if you don’t get grossed out easily. Consider yourself warned.

Bottle Brush becomes…A Wine Glass Cleaner!

We have this amazing set of fishbowl wineglasses from Crate & Barrel. Why are they amazing? Because every single time I wash them, I have broken one. Every. Single. Time…until I started using my son’s bottle brush. He graduated from bottles a few months ago, right in time for summer wine season. This bottle brush gently cleans all of my super-fragile glasses; coincidence? I think not!

Dr. Browns Bottle Brush- $1.75 on

KY becomes…Bootie Thermometer Assistance! (can you tell I hate the word “rectal”?)

I had to take my son’s temperature for the first time the…old fashioned way a few weeks ago.
I had never even opened the package on the thermometer so was able to
actually read the instructions. ON THE INSTRUCTIONS it specified to use
KY! If you did the deed to have the kid, you most likely have the stuff
on hand. Wow. Never thought it would pull a double duty for my child! Uhh…just make sure not to use the warming gel. I am sure it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for your little one.

KY Liquid- $5.66 on

Baby Wipes become…Makeup Removers!

11pm. You have done all the laundry, dishes and shoveled the toys into a “neat” pile in the corner of your living room. The last thing you want to do is stand at the sink, wait for the water to heat up and wash your makeup off. Grab a baby wipe and call it a day. They don’t remove makeup nearly as well as the wipes designed for makeup removal, but do you care at that point? You can also use baby shampoo for eye makeup remover in a pinch.  It won’t sting…hence the tagline No More Tears.

Johnson’s baby shampoo 2 pack- $7.22 on

Beer Koozi becomes…Sippy Cup Cooler!

I honestly don’t know where this koozi came from. I am sure one of my friends will read this post and realize they left it at our house after a party and will come pounding on my door. What will I do? Pretend I have no clue what they are talking about. This koozi is gel-filled, so you pop it in the freezer and pull it out to really keep your beverage chilled. Since our son drinks milk in quantities equal to my Corona Light consumption, it gets tricky on the go to keep it cold. I slide this bad boy on and can extend the milk sippy cup life by hours. It fits around the cup perfectly; coincidence? I think not!

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Beer Chiller- Set of 2: $13.94 on