Spring Trends on a $100 Budget

Ok, most of us don’t have the $10,000 seasonal budget that socialites and trophy wives (the 1%) have so we need to survive on 1% of their budget. My goal is to hit the major trends with $100 and work with wardrobe staples to create a full spring look! Let’s see how it goes…

Tango with Tangerine

It is the year of citrus colors, and the reigning shade is tangerine. The best way to tie this pop of color in is with a scarf or other accessory. Target has come out with an affordable collection of orange-hued add-ons:

For budget sake, I will select the orange scarf at $14.99.

(If you are dead set on an orange tote, you can get this one for a fraction of the price of a Birkin…but buyer beware, a fake can look, well, fake)

Orange Alligator Faux Leather Large Tote Key Lock Handbag- $43.99 @ amazon.com

Here’s the trophy wife tangerine wardrobe addition for a cool $15k:

Hermes Birkin Orange Clemence bag- $15,500

Black & White & Striped All Over

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times- a well-cut striped blazer will transform your life. Ok, not really, but it can completely change your look. I am going with this SAME blazer from Forever 21 for a few reasons- 1) It is inexpensive 2) The fabric really moves with you so you don’t feel like you are on a job interview 3) It was actually on the rack when I went into the store, not on back order for decades.

Striped Blazer- $19.50 @ Forever 21

Annnndddd….for the Socialite version:

Smythe Stripe Blazer- $695 @ Nordstrom

Eye Candy with Colored Lace

Both dresses- around $25 @ Forever 21

First black lace was all the rage for winter…now colored lace for spring. The good thing about this is if you choose your colors carefully, you can transition these pieces into summer and even fall. Wouldn’t the fuchsia dress look adorable with a grey ballet sweater and grey wool tights for fall?

Here’s the PYT look for “just” a few bucks more; Miu Miu dresses usually range from $500-$5,000.

Miu Miu Spring 2012 RTW collection

Fun with Fringe

With the promise of an amazing Great Gatsby film debut in Fall 2012, we are seeing the 20’s roaring back to life in the fashion world. Fringe, tassels and beading are all playing their part in recreating this amazing era. Let’s play a little game- which of these are the Forever 21 $2.80 earrings, and which are the Oscar de la Renta ones for $395, and which are the Paige Novick for $275? How about the Gucci pair for $525? David Yurman for $1,850?

Yeah, didn’t think there was much of a difference! At least, not a few grand’s worth. The Forever 21 ones are second from the left.

Deck Shoes

And last but not least…shoes. Wedge espadrilles have caught my eye in more than a few of the dozens of fashion magazines I go through every month. Some are basic, others are wildly entertaining. Here are a couple that I would consider…Just putting this out there, Brian Atwood- if you would do a collaboration with, say, Payless, I would be forever grateful.

Steve Madden Skylar Wedge- $39.94 @ DSW

I don’t particularly love sailing…maybe because most of the time I go, I am hung over and lay splayed out on the deck praying for a Bloody Mary and saltines. Oddly enough, I am obsessed with nautical wear. This adorable and affordable wedge has the nautical rope look going on, and would go with almost everything in my wardrobe.

Now, for the Sugar Baby one:

Stuart Weitzman Alex Espadrille- $365

Really? Seriously? Is this the same shoe? I have expensive taste, and even I like the SM one better.

All together, the total comes out to around $100 (not including all of the coupons and discount codes easily found). Look for the follow-up post on how to pair these items with staples already in your closet!