Maternity Fashion- 2012…Getting Better!

I really only needed full-on maternity clothes in the spring. I wasn’t faced with the difficult task of finding warm-weather maternity wear while still trying to look like I was pregnant, not merely gaining winter couch potato weight. Since my maternity fashion post from way back is my most popular, I thought I would throw another one out there for all those in need this winter. Here are my top picks, best of luck to you!


I always go for something belted. At least you will have some definition between your chest and your bump; otherwise, it just looks like one big mess under there. The fleece trench from Old Navy is brilliant- you need a little give, and the fleece provides it. It is also long enough to cover your (growing) butt. I love puffer coats as much as the next gal, but wow…that’s a lot of volume. To be honest, I just bought a belted wool pea coat 2 sizes larger at Old Navy on the super clearance rack.

Liz Lange Wool Coat- $59.99 @ Target
Fleece Trench Coat- $59.94 @ Old Navy

Corporate Wear

Yes, it sucks. I personally think women should be given the last 3 months of pregnancy off…partially because of the physical condition, and partly because office-appropriate maternity wear is horrid. My solution? Either sweater dresses or black bottoms and almost wearable maternity shirts. Here are a couple of pieces to get you through:

Exclusive Pencil Skirt in Ponte- $44.76 @
Full Panel Modern Boot Pants- $69.95 @
Liz Lange Maternity Long-Sleeve Ruffled Blouse- $19.99 @ Target

Shower Wear

 Two tips-
1) Your arms most likely won’t look super buff by the end of your pregnancy; they will probably be bloated like everything else on your body. Cap sleeves at least, please.
2) You will be front and center at your baby shower and it is difficult to cross your legs at that point. Most women end up just crossing their ankles, so a knee or midi-length dress will keep you from giving the audience a preview of coming attractions. I have more than a couple photos of my showers where I am almost giving my family & friends a sneak peek.

Tie Knot Dress- from $79.50 @ Isabella Oliver Maternity
Midi Dress with Belt- $62.67 @
Hampton Tunic- $215 @ Rosie Pope Maternity

(FINAL) Date Night

Every couple should have a “final” date night a few weeks before the due date, especially if this is your first child. Unfortunately for my husband and I, our final date night was crashed by temper tantrum-throwing little kids. A real upper when you are just about to have a baby of your own.

Lace Dress- $80.57 @

And…here are a list of the best maternity clothing sites:

Isabella Oliver
Old Navy
The Gap
Destination Maternity
Kiki’s Fashions
Rosie Pope Maternity

Members only sites like and also offer discounted maternity clothing.

Also, check out Rent the Runway-type sites for maternity clothing:
Borrow for your Bump

BEST of luck to you! I might not even know you, but I am excited for all the craziness and good times to come 🙂