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I have been traveling since I can remember with a tired old Eddie Bauer duffel bag that I “borrowed” from my parents. Every time I pull it out, I cringe…and vow to buy some cute luggage NEXT time I travel. Well, I finally did it! I have the cutest, most functional, perfect-sized luggage that didn’t break the bank. If I could afford a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, I would take trips for the sole purpose of using it…but $3,000 is a bit steep  To me, traditional rolling suitcases say “Disney Vacation,” and duffel bags say “Let’s hit the free weights.” (Of course, I have both of these and use them regularly…but not with much excitement). Take a look at what I found below, and make digging out the luggage almost as fun as your first cocktail on the vacation flight!

Carry On

On the left- Luis Vuitton Damier Canvas Bag- $2,600.
On the right- Anne Klein Rolling City Bag- $100.
Both feature retractable, telescoping handle for easy rolling, outside zipper compartments, and dual handles. I purchased the AK in the signature jacquard print and am in love.


Why is it nearly impossible to find a stylish laptop bag that actually protects your 4-figure investment? Here is what I found; I have had the Mango Tango bag for years and the Heys case is currently on the way to my doorstep:

On the left- Heys eSleeve- $49.99 @ This workhorse is made of an ultra-lightweight polycarbonate composite making it “nearly indestructible” according to Heys. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and an elastic attachment to secure it to rolling luggage handles. It comes in a variety of fun metallic colors.
On the right- Mango Tango Quilted Laptop Case- around $60 @ various retailers in faux pink suede. It has a fun quirky print inside, comes with a matching drawstring adapter pouch and has an open outside pocket for easy luggage handle attachment. The only drawback I have found is that the pink suede gets a bit dingy over time.

Cosmetic Cases

I think this Fossil Key-Per Frame Cosmetic Case is perfect. It is made with a coated canvas, so any makeup reside easily wipes off. The frame structure and mirrored lid make it great for touch-ups on the go. It is available in multiple colors, but my favorite is this Missoni-esque stripe design. At $35, it is an inexpensive addition to your travel collection! If you want to get super-coordinated, the Fossil Key-Per line has multiple bag styles like cross-body bags, duffles and camera cases.

Bon Voyage!


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  1. February 12, 2012 / 3:35 pm

    UPDATE- received the Heys laptop case and LOVE it! Very "million dollars in this briefcase" chic; feel like I should be in an action movie with it handcuffed to my wrist. My 15" MacBook Pro fits snugly inside. Although I haven't tried to run it over with my car yet, it does seem pretty indestructible as promised 🙂