Jet Setters- Airport Chic

I never realized how important airport wear was until I discovered the multitude of posts dedicated to airport fashion. For me, it is a combination of pre-vacation mood setting, ease of clothing removal for temperature fluctuations and security screening, and comfort. I do love the casual chic of travel wear and lay my airplane outfits out the night before like an elementary school kid on picture day. Since many Midwesterners are dreaming of sandy beach destinations, here are some of my favorite looks and why they work! FYI- these women are all moms…although I am sure they do have a full time team of stylists.


Ok, forget for a moment that she is wearing light wash jeans. For me, these will NEVER earn a place in my closet again. Let’s dissect the rest: scarf- necessary for fluctuating temps, a makeshift pillow, even coverage if you accidentally spill your mimosa down the front! Blazer- comfy yet more stylish than a hoodie. Oversize cross-body bag- functional carry-on that adds a splash of color. Flats- HUGE when scrambling to kick off your shoes for security. The hat is ideal- hides bedhead and bloodshot eyes.


Ahh Victoria. This is one mom who I don’t think owns granny panties or sweats. I adore her style- the shoes seem impossible, but the rest I could definitely see myself in. If you notice, she has the same bag in 3 of the 4 photos. Finding a roomy, versatile travel bag is hard to do- black is too plain, white gets dirty. I have discovered that a purple or maroon matches almost everything and if it is structured with various compartments it can keep even the most frazzled traveler organized. I think outfit #1 would work best- basic black, a roomy skirt and layered with a cardigan. I also think sunglasses are a must- it gets you in the mood for sunshine and hot cabana boys…well, at least sunshine.


In 99% of the airport photos of Kourtney, she is carrying this orange Birkin. Again, everyone seems to have an airport bag of choice- roomy, structured and in a pop of color! My travel attire of choice is similar to Kourt’s- maxi dress, sandals, lightweight layer and tied back hair. The sandals are key- slip on and off (even though you are bare-footed when going through security…anyone else try to walk tip-toed or just on the sides of their feet? No? Just me?).

Hope you are going somewhere warm this winter! Feel free to share your favorite airport look- I would love to hear it!