School Lunch Made Simple with EatPakd

At the end of the school year last year, I basically gave up on school lunch. I kind of ran out of food, steam and ideas and….my kid took a hot dot wrapped in a random stale piece of bread, an odd juice box I received as a promotion, and the same banged-up apple that had made the trip to school 5 times already. I was about 1 week away from sending that random can of sardines buried in the back of the pantry. I was done.

When a new lunch subscription brand approached me to become an ambassador, I knew they had an amazing concept based upon my struggles of late and agreed. I gave EatPakd a trial run during their initial launch and loved the fact that my kids had fresh fruit and veggies again! And they weren’t the mushy, almost trash-worthy ones that sometimes crept into their lunch when I was waiting for my Peapod order to arrive.

I attended the official launch party for EatPakd this past weekend, and brought my kids along to sample additional meals. Bryson dug into the Italian Pasta Pak and Charlotte just wanted something with a cookie in it, of course.

We were able to hear the EatPakd story from the creator, Kara O’Dempsey, who was frustrated with the fact that she didn’t have the time or energy to provide fresh, homemade food for her girls.

Kids are in school 180 days on average, and parents often turn to more convenient, processed foods to send with them. She wanted to make a change, and provide parents with an option to provide a custom, healthy lunch for their kids…and so EatPakd was born!

Here’s how it works!

I love the fact that the lunches can be custom built, and each item is in a separate compartment that allows kids to share and swap.

In addition to sampling the EatPakd goodies, we were treated to Back to School photos from A Little Photo Studio! Melissa, the owner, is the absolute most amazing children’s photographer. She even had my grumpy gal grinning by the end of the silly session (see Rainbow Dash on top of her head?).

If you want to give EatPakd a try, they are offering Chicagoland families a FREE trial! You can receive one week of free Paks by heading to their website and clicking on “Start Your Trial.” This offer is only for Back to School, so grab it before it is gone. Cheers to no more random school lunches for our kiddos!