5 Makeup Mistakes That Age Women

I don’t roam the streets looking for makeup mistakes. Over the years, though, I have noticed some makeup styles that make women look at least 5-10 years older, and who need that??? (Unless you are 19 with a fake ID, then by all means…).

Photo Credit: Erica Lynn Photography

Makeup can make you feel more put together, more complete, enhance your already gorgeous features and allow you to temporarily experiment with new looks. Here are a few things to avoid, and yes, check yoself before you…you know.

The Severe Eyeliner Issue

Look at the human body. Are there any harsh lines? The outline of lips are soft and curving. Eyes are framed by fluttery lashes. Brows are curved. There really isn’t a harsh, defined line anywhere. Don’t make one. I see so many women just straight up draw a line a few millimeters above their lash line and call it a day. This harsh line serves as a way to close up that eye area, make your eyes actually look smaller, and give you a Baby Jane look. PS- eyeliner is an item that I don’t splurge on. I grab some great black liners from my local Walgreens! Here are my faves:


Anti-aging Makeup Tip: Use a pencil if you are a makeup novice instead of liquid- it is more forgiving. Make sure it is sharp (I only use mechanical, not wood…once you get an eyelid splinter you won’t go back). As you lightly draw along your lashes- keep as CLOSE to your lash line as possible- keep the pencil parallel to your lash line. Don’t point the pencil into your eye, drag it on its side. Use a smudger or your pinkie to get the color into your lash line so there is NO skin showing. You can also dab a fine pointed shadow brush into the same color eyeshadow and press it into the line as well.

The Peach Fuzz Factor

We all have peach fuzz. Ok, so maybe 99%…and the others are genetic goddesses who don’t have to deal with this insane issue. Peach fuzz is that downy, light hair that covers your face; technical name is vellus hair. This is not mustache stuff. Makeup can stick to it and cause the overall effect to become cakey instead of flawless. My suggestion? Get rid of it altogether. I use Dermaflash (see my post all about it here) and IMHO is totally worth the price tag. If you aren’t into that because yes, it does require maintenance, make sure you apply your makeup correctly. This device sells out online at Sephora all the time, and is like double the price on Amazon. Grab one if you can- regular price is $189!


Anti-Aging Makeup Tip: When applying liquid base, use a brush and apply in a downward motion. This is the direction that the vellus hair grows- you don’t want to ruffle it up and give it um…bedhead. Make it lay down on your face. As for powder, dust it where you need it, don’t cake it on.

The Bold Blush Blunder

I remember my grandma used to dot her cheeks with lipstick and blend slightly to create a rouged look. Great for grandma, not so great for you. There are a million different types of blush out there- cream, gel, powder, gel to powder, the list goes on. Gel and cream are great for avoiding that cakey look that comes with powder, but can become too severe if applied wrong. Powder is more forgiving and allows for a buildable look if you choose the right shade. Bad blush = the grandma factor.

Anti-Aging Makeup Tip: For makeup application, I always head to my makeup maven’s website, The Daily Dimmick. Stephen Dimmick is an amazing makeup Artist…and yes, Artist with a capital A. He has a great tutorial about blush application. Watch it here. The main takeaway is to dust it on, don’t cake it on!

The Expired Eyebrows Exasperation

Full eyebrows are a sign of youthfulness. Think about it- thinning hair ANYwhere on your body is a sign of age, and brows are no exception. Some brilliant person Photoshopped the brows off of Anne Hathaway, and unequivocally demonstrated this point. Terrifying, no?

Yes, brows take work. Keeping your plucking to a minimum is your first
line of defense. Trim instead of pluck. Do this by brushing your brows sky high and trimming what sticks out on the top. Next- a pencil and powder are your best tools. The
pencil should be ultrathin, and match your brows or be 1-2 shades darker
depending upon the look you are trying to achieve. As for brow powder, I
absolutely love using a stencil and angled stiff brow brush. I received
the Too Faced Brow Envy kit in my September Pop Sugar Must Have box
last year, and have been using it religiously. Seriously, this box is
always one step ahead of me! If you aren’t a subscriber, you need to be.
It is like getting a birthday gift every month for $39.95. Best two 20s
I ever spent.


Anti-Aging Makeup Tip: Do your brows after your base/powder. Use a brow brush to wipe off excess makeup that migrated there- you will be shocked at how much does, and it makes those beautiful brows blend into your face!

Most of all, have FUN with makeup! Experiment, wear a new look to the grocery store (my new look testing grounds), and remember- you can always wash it off.

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