Out of sight, still in mind!

We have come a long way from photo-emblazoned diaper bags and plastic photo books that we whip out to show off our darling offspring. When you are with them, taking a break seems dreamy; when you are away, all you want to do is be with them. So, why not create some personalized jewelry so you can take a little of them with you when you have to be away? I am not talking about a huge honking necklace with baby’s 5×7 dangling from your neck Flava Flav-style. Here are a few more fashionable (and subtle) ways to take that little darling along!

Sterling Silver Handmade Monogram 1″- $129 @ monogramonline.com

Carrie did it first- her iconic necklace that spelled out her name in gold swirly letters (that got lost and then she found it in her purse when she was in Paris, remember?!?!). This monogram necklace is a little less obvious, but has all the charm and glamor. Get your little one’s initials and fondly recall the sleepless nights you had trying to come up with that name. You can snag this beautiful piece for a heck of a deal: Click here to get this for $50 from the groupon-style website 8moms!
Search through the amazing site and click on “Treat Yourself to a Monogram Necklace” under the National Deals.

Silhouette Locket Necklace Small- $24 @ lepapierstudio.com

I love silhouettes; they can convey a lot more than just the outline of a person’s face. I asked artist Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio to design a custom silhouette of my son for this necklace and to incorporate my little guy’s crazy hair. I laughed out loud when she sent me the proof- the resemblance is uncanny! She will create a custom silhouette for you for an additional $10.

My son’s custom silhouette! If you know him, you get it.

Aaannnnddd…..for those jet setters, here’s a little something to keep your kids in mind:

Photo Luggage Tags- $7.99 @ shutterfly.com

Ok, ok…I had to include ONE photo item. This one is pretty unobtrusive and you can make it more artistic than obnoxious. I love black & white photos- no matter what ridiculous face your kid makes, it just looks adorable in B&W. Get free shipping on orders over $30 with this code: SHIP30.