Let it snow!…AKA Oh S#!T, this again?!

Yep, first big snowstorm of the winter. We have been breezing along in 50ish degree weather. I went outside without a coat, in open-toed shoes this week…only to be hit by a chilly blast of remembrance of what winter in the mid-west is really like. SERIOUSLY, why do we live here? The changing seasons, blah blah blah. I’ll be honest- I love changing my wardrobe up every few months to accommodate the weather. The most difficult things with winter are a- not looking like a 200lb marshmallow and b- not freezing your ass off. Unfortunately, these two issues are almost mutually exclusive…until now.


Let’s start with the basics. For me, I am not one for flats. If I wear jeans, they always drag on the ground. My solution? A furry boot with a slight wedge heel that has a whole lot of function and more than a dash of form. I bought these last year and they were extremely comfy as well as warm…and looked adorable with opaque tights and a wool mini:

Sporto Kristen Boots- $50 @ Famous Footwear


Ok. I LOVE wearing tights with a dress as opposed to pants, mainly because after having a baby your weight yo-yos like a Duncan on speed and dresses are more adaptable. The biggest issue in winter is that there are a small number of choices out there that won’t leave your legs frostbitten. I did find a pair of tights that do the trick:

Warm Regards Tights- $12 @ Francesca’s Collections

These are actually fleece-lined and just as comfortable as sweatpants. They are out of stock for the most part online (temporarily, I hope), but available in stores. I am stalking both the stores and the site to see when they will get more colors/sizes in- available in gray, black, navy and brown. Trust me on these- I have literally bought over 50 pairs of tights and these are my favorite!


Again, I am going to recommend the long, down belted coat in order to avoid the marshmallow/post-holiday bloat look. I have a similar coat to this and LOVE wearing it. The white is a little risque with a little one (and mid-west slush) but it is such a refreshing change from black! Check out T.J. Maxx; they usually have a fabulous selection of LAUNDRY coats at excellent prices. You can also go the North Face route if looking to REALLY stay warm.

Belted Down Coat- Laundry by Shelli Segal (around $200 in dept. stores)


Not going to lie- on the hat, I usually go for the look as opposed to how warm it is. My sister got me an adorable one for Christmas that I wear even when it isn’t needed…usually because I didn’t feel like doing my hair that day (such a bonus of head wear!). This type of hat also doesn’t give you crazy hair when you pull it off.

Wool-Blend Fisherman’s Cap- $24.99 @ Ralph Lauren


2 schools of thought- One being I don’t care if my fingertips freeze, and Two being I would like to actually be able to feel my fingertips. Fingerless gloves seem to be everywhere- designers from Kate Spade to Michael Kors have come out with their own twist. Me personally? I wear gloves for a reason, and that is to stay warm. Here are two options for whatever you prefer; one being a flip top model, and the other a brave, straight-up fingerless one.

Fair Isle Convertible Gloves- $12 @ Woolrich.com
My Name is Pearl Fingerless Gloves- $37.99 @ modcloth.com


  1. January 12, 2012 / 6:13 pm

    Luuurrrvvveee my sorrels and my plush tights!!! Although haven't needed them much yet.

  2. January 12, 2012 / 6:39 pm

    I saw some Sorrels on sale at Nordstrom Rack last week for $70! I am making the Rack rounds around the 'burbs to try and find them in my size.