New Show This Fall: #CBSMom …and Some Mom Confessions

I recently attended a sneak peek of the new CBS comedy, Mom, at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Chicago.

The event was adorable, featuring passed desserts such as mini chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones, sugar coated donuts and strawberry milkshake shooters. I think CBS knows what moms like, both in food and comedy!

Through the evening, we all shared our mom confessions, both via Twitter and on camera. The winner received an ultimate CBS experience for two, which included a trip to Cali to attend a taping of the show! I was thisclose as a runner up, and received a free subscription to Redbook (kinda my favorite mag, truth be told). Here were some of the top tweets:

(ME!) @CJAllDressedUp: Woke up and cried when pregnant bc thought I got stretch marks. Turns out just wrinkles from bed sheets! #CBSmom

@ahndeamay: I may or may not have cut off a pair of my tights to make spanx and showered with my bangles on to get ready for #CBSmom party #momof5

@peanutsgang2004: Mom Confession: I once had to pee in my son’s travel potty after drinking way too many bottles of water and driving on the go. #cbsmom

And the winner: @EvolvingStacey: My confession: After having 2 ten pound babies, I finally just had surgery b/c I was tired of peeing every time I sneezed. #CBSmom #TMI

Hilarious over-sharing by a group of successful and professional moms.

Me (left) and my friend Ahndea (@ahndeamay)

One of the most down-to-earth and sweetest people I met was Nancy Loo, WGN news reporter and author of the blog Big Tiny World. She chronicles her adventures in news-casting: from skydiving to potential gang threats, this woman has a lot of great stores to share!

Scene from Moms; photo credit: Huffington Post

Ok, ok, back to the actual show. After the axe of Up All Night that had a pretty popular cast (c’mon, everyone knows Christina Applegate from Married With Children AND Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead!), I was a bit skeptical about another “momedy.” I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t a cheesy poopy diaper sitcom about harried moms who need more sleep and socialization. The quirks include a (recovering?) druggie of a mother (Allison JaneyWest Wing) who tries to butt into her daughter’s (Anna FarisHouse Bunny) not-so-perfect life. I think we can all relate to difficult family relationships, and this one is sure not to throw you into a depression spiral like the show Parenthood can.

Check out the preview and let me know what you think!