Five Dollar Friday: My Secret Shoe Shop & Good Reads

Yes, you heard it- shoes. For under $5. And they aren’t crap at all.

Ok, so they might be impossible to find, but this will at least give you a hint of places to look every time you pass the store. I found these shoes on sale for $1.97 at the Gap yesterday, originally priced at $69.95…I think that comes out to around 97% off. Real leather, wood sole, super comfy for being 3″ high wedges!

Every time I even come within sight of a Gap, I make a beeline for the sale section, then I head straight to the SECRET clearance section (didn’t know there was one, did ya!?). At some stores, they have an extra clearance section near the fitting rooms, and the shelves are generally stocked with shoes, purses, belts and scarves that time forgot. Also, on the bottom shelves, above eye level shelves, and near the register (or in boxes at the register) are also great deals.

If you can’t find a score like this at your Gap, Lisa from Fantabulously Frugal clued me into a bargain book for $3.99 on for the Kindle. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was TIME Magazine’s #1 Fiction book in 2012. The topic is a bit heavy, but according to the reviews it is poignant and well-written. Give it a try and HAPPY FRIDAY!