Make Your Hottie a Valentine’s Day WINNER!

After you have kids, there is sometimes little energy at the end of the day to devote to the person who made them with you in the first place. Although Valentine’s Day can be considered a Hallmark Holiday devoted to making people feel bad, it does give us a little kick in the pants to remember our loved ones. If you are feeling crafty, do something a little special for your husband this year. Guys, send this link to the person in your life if you like it.

HOW TO…make sexy Valentine’s lottery tickets

First– create a lottery ticket with fun things your sweetie might like from you inside hearts. Make it as innocent or dirty as you like. You copy the image I have below if you like, or message me and I will send you an editable document. I borrowed it from Better Homes & Gardens…not sure if they intended it for THIS purpose…
Second– print it out on card stock.
Third– Cut out the same size hearts in clear Contact paper.
Fourth– Paint over the hearts with this mixture: 2 parts metallic acrylic paint, 1 part dishwashing liquid
Fifth– Apply a coat of the mixture to the Contact paper & let dry.
Sixth– Place the Contact paper hearts over the hearts on the lottery tickets.

Package this with a penny and make their night!



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