Don’t Wait for a Rainy Day…

So, today is my birthday. I was planning on wearing my (yet unworn) LAUNDRY dress out to dinner and using my (save it for special occasions) perfume. Well, I realized that my dress is now too big and my perfume went bad. When I actually spend more than a few bucks on something, I tend to squirrel it away so I can save it for a “special occasion.” Anyone else do this?! I finally realized the other day that every day can be a special occasion. Like today. Or tomorrow. Or 20 Tuesdays from today. Here are some of the things I have been waiting to use; join me in breaking in all that special occasion stuff!


I know some women who are afraid to wear their engagement/wedding ring for fear that they will lose it. I say if you are afraid of losing it, you can’t really afford it AND that is what insurance is for! When I was little, my dad always picked out and purchased pieces of jewelry for my sister and I. I used to save them for special occasions and keep them locked up in my safe (yes, I was that kid…I demanded a safe be put in my closet to lock up my “valuables”). I finally wore my pearl earrings and lost one. I cried so hard because my dad made me feel so special by picking them out. I then replaced it surreptitiously with a set purchased from Claire’s with my allowance. I feel bad to this day that I lost it, but realize now that I could have lost them at any point. I was a kid. I should have been enjoying them all along. Long story short- if you have amazing jewelry, WEAR IT!


I absolutely love my china pattern. Martha Stewart, Wedgwood, Lily of the Valley. I even refurbished this gorgeous china cabinet to showcase all of the pieces. But…um…if I have had you over for dinner, have you ever eaten off of it? No? Well, next time you are here, if I don’t dish up my fabulous lasagna onto the good stuff, call me out please.


I have a DVF wrap dress…arguably my most coveted piece of clothing in my closet. I ADORE it- the dress is freshly dry cleaned, all nice and wrapped in plastic. Have you seen me wear it? Maybe once? Well, this summer, I am going to flaunt that baby like it is my Josh Duhamel arm candy.


My husband’s uncle had the largest private wine collections in the U.S. at one point. He loved having people over to share it. I remember on my birthday, he took us out to a lovely French bistro and brought a bottle of ’81 (my birth year) to share. I will remember that for the rest of my life. My husband and I love to open bottles that were Uncle Pat’s when we are having friends and family over. Some are worth a great deal, but we think that is what he would have wanted- for us to enjoy sharing it. So, if you have a great bottle, cook up a couple of filets tonight and crack it open!

Moral of the story- don’t wait for a rainy day! Enjoy what you have!