Gift Guide: For The Magnificent Man In Your Life

How about some hot gifts for your honey? 

Give him something that he will use, love to look at, or just plain get excited about.

Bentonite Shave Soap- $12 @

I recently discovered this line of all natural soaps. This amazing little bar lathers to help produce a close shave AND it travels much better than a clunky can of shave gel. Personally, I find shaving with lather and a brush is incredibly sexy! I mean, James Bond does it in the new 007 movie. Need I say more?

Belkin WeMo- $49.99 @ Target

This is really a gift for you that will make his life easier, but I am sure he can find some creative uses for it. The WeMo is an outlet and an app that combine to allow you to remotely turn things on and off from your smartphone. Wake up in the morning and want coffee to start brewing? Turn it on from your iPhone so it is ready by the time you get downstairs! (Buy one for yourself as well for this situation: Have you ever forgotten if you unplugged your curling iron and are terrified all day that your house will burn down? Turn it off from work!).

DIY Molecular Gastronomy Kit: Cocktails- $58 @

What kid didn’t love their chemistry kit? I know I did! This kit allows your spouse to get all mad scientist without blowing up the house, AND with the added benefit of mixing up some dazzling cocktails for your guests. For example, create a mojito bubble that will explode in your mouth!

Craft Beer of the Month Club- from $37.75/month @

 Nothing says I love you more than craft beer. This site has no sign up fees and free shipping, so toss out that PBR and ring in the New Year with some craft beers!

Silver USB Cufflinks- $100 @

Ok. So these might not be practical, but SO super spy-tech-gadgety that who cares! The cufflinks each contain a 2 GB drive, perfect for a backup copy of a presentation or a few photos 😉

iBottleopener- $14.99 @

My husband has the Reef flip flops with a bottle opener, and we thought THOSE were cool! Never try to pry a bottle cap off with your wedding ring again (hey, I’ve seen it done…). Best app for an iPhone yet!