Gift Guide: DIY

Maybe you just adore making things, or maybe you just spent your last dollar on a pair of to die for stilettos. Either way, people will gush over these festive DIY gifts!

Decorative Bottle Stopper

Festive bottle stoppers are always welcome, although it is rare in our household to ever have a 1/2 empty bottle of wine!
To Make: Using an 1/8-inch drill bit, make a hole in the center
of a wine cork. (Use one from a bottle of white — it won’t be stained
by the wine!) Coat the underside of the knob with hot glue and twist it
snugly into the hole. Be careful not to let the hardware poke out at the
bottom, so your cork stays intact.

Scented Fireplace Sachets

These are great for those who have a real wood-burning fireplace, but I cringe to think what might happen if you throw one of these bad boys on a gas log!
To Make: Cut two coffee filters into identical squares and sew
them together with red string — but leave one side open, like a
pillowcase. Stuff the pouch with a handful of spice mixture — made up
of dried orange and apple peels, cloves, pine needles, star anise,
cinnamon sticks, sprigs of rosemary and lavender. Then sew the open flap

Personalized Pyrex Dish

You can pick up a Pyrex dish at Walmart for a few bucks, and glass etching materials at most craft stores.  To Make: Follow the glass etching tutorial here.

Bath Fizzies

Everyone needs to relax after the stress of the holidays! Just make sure to let your recipient know that these are for the BATH, not confectionery treats to eat! 
To Make: Follow instructions here.

Salted Caramel Sauce

Ahhh salted caramel- my favorite trend that has been replicated by even Starbucks. I would totally go for a jar of this!
To Make: Follow instructions here.