Five Dollar Friday: Time For Some Flare

Have you ever visited the website Fred Flare? No? Well, you are missing out for sure. There are some funny items, chic items, and just plain WTF ones. Here are my picks for Five Dollar Friday!!!

Magnetic Personality

iMag Phone Stand & Cord Tamer- $1.99

For all of my vloggers out there (and anal-retentive cord organizers), you can pick up this sweet smartphone stand for less than two bucks. Instead of propping your phone against that can of beer in order to capture the perfect video, just stick this faux magnet on the back of your phone and record away!

Rock & Roll ’em: Snake Eyes

Snake Eye Sunglasses- $1.99

This is the new shape of the season. Although aviators will forever remain a classic, the trend is shifting toward a cat eye or even more rounded shape. Just please don’t wear them with the snake print dress I suggested in my previous post…no need for animal print overload. For $1.99, give them a spin!

Rob the Jewelry Store and Tell ’em Make Me a Grill!

Ok, so we are up to $4. There is one item on the site under $1 and it made me laugh, so throw it into your cart and check out! This is a must-have piece just in case you ever make it to another pimps n’ hos party.

Grillz Candy- $0.49

Have fun with your new purchases!!