Fall 2011 (Neutrals)…Mom Style

At last count, I subscribe to 11 magazines. I didn’t realize how many I subscribed to until one day I saw them all stacked up on the coffee table and there was no room for anything else…namely, my much-needed coffee. One thing they all had in common for the September issue was fall fashion. I LOVE fall clothing- now more than ever because it is a bit more forgiving than summer or spring fitted items. I realized that I had to alter my choices a bit this year since there are new factors to consider:

  • Ease of cleaning- Gone are silk tops, cashmere sweaters and anything that is dry clean only. Formula spit-up stains, ladies. The Dreft stain remover is a miracle worker, though!
  • Range of motion- I have this beautiful fitted dress that I tried on today and realized that I never minded the fact that I couldn’t bend over in it or pick anything up. Obviously, things have changed.  I can no longer completely sacrifice functionality for style.
  • Heel height- I am not the most coordinated on my best day, and after 2 hours of sleep and little more than coffee to fuel my fried brain, 4 inch stilettos are an accident waiting to happen.
  • Accessory bulk- After my son repeatedly tried to bash his head into a chunky silver beaded Tiffany necklace while hanging in the Bjorn the other day, I made the executive decision to retire that particular piece until he has better neck control. Ditto goes for my engagement ring that I could see causing some major damage!
  • Price- umm…I am a stay at home mom now, so that income I used to bring in, however small? Gone!

So…with that in mind, here are my fall picks for 2011, neutrals and staples, all purchased in 20 minutes or less while my son was napping in the stroller. Keep your eyes peeled for part two of my fall picks where I actually consider wearing colors! I always buy neutrals and blacks first because of their versatility and slimming properties.

The Trend: Classic Leather 

Michael by Michael Kors- T.J. Maxx: $149

Yes, I had a black motorcycle jacket in high school, along with black motorcycle boots. (I was channeling Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, naturally). I am reliving my youth with this updated, classic version- an investment piece that sheds drool and vomit with ease.

The Trend: Booties

Kelly & Katie Pagan Bootie- DSW: $64.95

Next on the list…footwear. I love booties and these adorable suede ones have a perfect heel height. I wanted to go for a low Cuban heel or a wedge as opposed to a stiletto for obvious reasons (see lack of coordination explanation above). Of course I bought the waterproofing spray because the minute I step out of my car in new boots, I inevitably plunge ankle-deep into icy slush.

The Trend: Metallics and Cuffs

Suede cuff- Francesca’s Collections: $14

As for the accessories- I have never been able to wear any metal, beaded or other bracelets that move around. I can just see it now…a gorgeous hammered metal cuff sliding down my wrist and bonking my little guy in the head. This suede and studs cuff from Francesca’s is soft, goes with everything, and is adjustable in case your wrists gained weight in addition to everywhere else on your body.

The Trend: Sheer and Lacy Black

H&M Straight-cut Lace Dress: $34.95

Date night or just for the hell of it! This dress has an amazing straight cut, VERY forgiving and flattering, as well as 3/4 length sleeves to hide bye-bye arms (you know, the arm part that keeps waving).

 The Trend: Shine

Sequin-front Tank- Express: $20.93

One of the trends I saw in EVERY single fall magazine this year was sequins. Hey, I am all for them- if it was 1999 (you should have seen my senior prom dress- I looked like a psychedelic disco ball). It is hard to get sequins right, especially for daytime since it is rare that I actually manage to stay awake past 9pm, much less leave the house. I say get one piece in a neutral or metallic, wear it with your NON-mom jeans and call it a day.

Happy Shopping!