Mom Jeans

I think most of you have seen the SNL skit “Mom Jeans“…if you haven’t, click and laugh. Although hilarious to view, this is a truly scary epidemic for many mommies out there. Yes, I understand that many moms won’t be able to fit into their skinny jeans for MONTHS after delivery, sometimes years, but please treat yourself to a pair of jeans that fit (and by fit, I mean hug your curves and have a distinct difference between the front and back).

I discovered that body types are um…a little different after you rapidly drop 30 lbs. Those low rise slim fits that graced your trim hips and flat stomach? They now create a muffin top and force you to peddle crack like a drug dealer when you bend over to pick up your little one. Don’t cry over spilled rolls…get your hardworking ass some new jeans!

Pick up a pair with some stretch to them; they will be more forgiving to the ever-changing world of the post-baby body. You don’t have to spend the equivalent of a Bugaboo on a pair- I am firmly against it since these will most likely be a transition apparel item. MIDRISE is the key here…Lowrise is out for the time being; forget it exists.

I was doing my I-only-have-1-hour speed shopping spree at Target a few weeks ago and found a new brand of jeans (Denizen by Levi’s) there. Since I don’t have time to actually GO to a clothing store and buy jeans, I have a very limited selection. I have to say, they aren’t too bad! Some stretch, tummy shaping and a slight boot cut makes them a score at $30.

Another brand that is a bargain but looks like a heck of a lot more is the Old Navy Diva Skinny at $30 as well. They are midrise straight-legs and come in a variety of washes. The beauty of this is that if you are still stuck in the prison of your own home, you can order either of these online in multiple sizes, usually get free shipping, have a fashion show for your munchkin, and send the ill-fitting ones back.

If you feel like splurging and think you are going to keep this size for a little longer, go for either Joe’s or J Brand. I also hear Jessica Simpson’s Collection isn’t too shabby either!

Good luck…go forth and end the suffering!