Best. Gifts. Ever.

I was at Binny’s (alcohol retail heaven for those not located in the Chicagoland area) the other day and noticed that I was garnering some odd looks. I took a step back and asked myself why…and laughed: I smelled like beer because I just cleaned up our frozen kegerator which sprayed beer all over me, my baby, who was still in his pjs, started projectile vomiting and when I lifted him up to pat him on the back I realized that a foul odor was emanating from his derriere. Ummm….not my best moment, especially since it was still before noon when only those serious about their cocktails (or stay at home moms, same thing) come out to play at the liquor store.

I took the time while walking the aisles and comforting my kid to take in the Christmas Wonderland that lies within Binny’s. Forget cashmere socks and diamond jewelery- hello BOOZE! It is the gift that keeps on giving and they have come out with SO many fun forms of it recently. So, take a trip to Binny’s or your local liquor shack to pick up fabulous gifts for the loved ones on your list. God knows we all need it at this time of year. Here are some of my favorites:

Stocking Stuffers

Everything that is mini is just that much better. Think about it- mini cupcakes? Ten times cuter than their larger counterparts! Random fact, though: In Chicago the sale of miniature bottles, or individual cans of beer 16 ounces or smaller, is illegal (or was when I lived within city limits)…so make a pilgrimage to the ‘burbs, because these cuties are the Best. Stocking Stuffers. Ever.

Mini liquor bottles- $1.99 and up. Available @ Binny’s Beverage Depot


What husband doesn’t love beer? What better way to say I love you than to personally select 6 craft beers and wrap them with love and a bottle opener? I say you would be the Best. Wife. Ever.

Umm…pretty self-explanatory

Hostess gift

This is a trick my husband and I use over and over. You bring a bottle of wine to a party and put it on the counter with…all of the other bottles of wine people brought. Use a metallic marker to write a special message to your hosts. When they do drink the wine, they will know who it was from. If you brought a cheap bottle or forgot a gift, bring the pen with you and grab the most expensive looking one and sign it (just kidding…kind of).

Random guys signing a bottle of wine…you get the idea

Best friend

I love whipped cream…I make mugs of hot chocolate just to put whipped cream on them and usually dump the hot chocolate. Imagine my delight when I found alcohol-infused whipped cream! It was like Christmas, my birthday and the time I discovered body shaping undergarments all wrapped in one. Wrap these up with a fun mug and some gourmet hot chocolate mix and you will be the Best. Friend. Ever.

Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream- $9.99 @ Binny’s
Anne Taintor Mug- $7.95 @ or Sur La Table

Mom and Dad

What do people do in their retirement? Drink wine! (Or that is what I have observed…) Many of our parents grew up in the Franzia generation and haven’t connected with all that is available in the wonderful world of wines, or even know what they like. If your parents still roll with the good ol’ bottle of Chardonnay or a table red, give them the gift of discovery. The Tasting Room provides the perfect solution- they have gift memberships where they receive a tasting of 6 different wines, then they get to select 2 full-size bottles to enjoy. 

Wine Gifts and Memberships- available @



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