Color, Color Everywhere…

Yes, along with some fantastic neutral looks, there are some serious colors in style. The color-blocking trend continues, and bright red has lit up the runways and magazines. Let’s take it one step at a time. If you are as confused about color-blocking as I am and don’t want to end up looking like your kid’s finger paints, read up.

Option A: Buy something that is already color-blocked. Probably the safest option for those of us running on Gingerbread Lattes this season. This Midi Dress gets the right hemline length for the current style as well…no more minis or maxis, both of which can be dangerous when chasing after little ones!

ASOS Contrast Pleated Midi Dress- $64.03
Touch of Grey Sweater Dress- $39.99
Steve Madden Tiger Pump- $59.95 @ DSW

Option B: DIY color-blocking. There are a few ways to go about it, the two most popular being:
1. Colors across from each other
2. Colors next to each other
If you master this, you can go for extra credit with:
3. Colors that form a 90 degree angle
4. Colors that form a T or an X

For example…Blue + Orange or Violet + Yellow since they are directly across from each other, or shades of the same color like different shades of Green. You can also throw a neutral in there (shades of white, black, tan/shades of brown). I am also borrowing this list from the Budget Fashionista on hues that go well together:
1. Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange
2. Chocolate Brown, Pink, Peach
3. Purple, Bright Blue, Teal
4. Deep Blue, Bright Pink, White
5. Coral, Grey, Ivory

As always, I try to multitask; any store where I can buy formula, birthday cards and an outfit for my ONE NIGHT OUT is a winner in my book. Target is great for vibrant, inexpensive pieces- my favorites together are poppy (orange) and grey or cobalt (blue) and gold. To add a third color, pick a different shade of one in the pair to ease in!