Dress to Impress

So many occasions, so little time. The holidays are my absolute favorite- whether it is a laid-back family gathering or a high-profile soiree, I love planning what to wear.  I would rather keep it young and stylish instead of old and boring, so throw caution to the wind and live it up. Here are my picks for the upcoming festivities- we are all sexy in our own way and the holidays are the time to show off your best assets. Pick which part of your body you take the most pride in and sport something new!

The Back- Racy & Lacy or Bare & Bold

I think this is the most under-appreciated part of a woman’s body. Cleavage- too obvious, and you always dread that moment when you take your coat off at a party and all eyes are on you…or at least a part of you…and no man would be able to recall your eye color at the end of the night. Give them something to appreciate coming and going and put some truth to the quote, “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!” My pick:

Lace-back Dress- $59.50 @ Victoria’s Secret
Velvet Drape Dress- $49.99 @ Kardashian Kollection for Sears

 LEGS! Short & Sexy

After toting around an 18 lb. baby in a Bjorn all day while trying to do laundry, dishes and make-up (doesn’t work so well- my favorite gold eyeshadow was shattered due to my son’s love for smacking me in the face constantly), my legs are in better shape than they were pre-baby. Biggest rule on a mini dress- keep it conservative/covered on top if you are going to go short on bottom. Only Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman can pull off the micro mini…and even she had a body double (YEP! Shelley Michelle). Add over the knee boots for both warmth and style.

Dress- $17.95 @ H&M

Rear- Back it up!

Highlight your best asset in something festive and shiny! Sequins are all over the place this season, and are updated so you don’t look like prom 1999 (Yes, I wore a silver sequin dress and it was AWESOME. Who cares that I looked like a human disco ball and blinded everyone on the dance floor?!?). Your moment to shine; just make sure that your shoes and accessories are toned down so you don’t look like glitter vomit:

Sequin Sweaterdress- $139 @ Victoria’s Secret

Arms- Where’s the Beach?

Again, lifting my little chunk around sculpted my arms more than my pre-baby life of lifting beers did. Time to show off the biceps…but beware if you wear bare shoulders. Photos can sometimes not be so kind. Don’t press your arms to your side in photos; try to keep them slightly away from your body.  I also favor a longer hem when going with bare arms, and velvet is both warm and trendy:

Dress- $34.94 @ H&M

Have fun and raise a glass to looking festive and sexy!