Back to School: FREE Amazon Student Account!

Do you remember the good ol’ days, when you had to wait in a massive line with 200 lbs. of textbooks, only to then figure out a way to cart them back to your dorm room?

Well times, they are a’ changing!

I just saw that Amazon is offering a new service- Amazon Student (similar to Amazon Mom benefits) and they are giving away free 6 month trials right now. If I was a student (and I might just sign up to get this sweet deal- hello University of Anchorage online!) I would do this in a second. Moms and dads- here is a great way to keep your kid on track and ship your kid all the stuff they forgot.

It is free for 6 months, then they get a 50% discount on Amazon Prime (normally $99/year, they get it for $49/year). And no, not everyone can take advantage of this. You need a .edu e-mail account or proof of enrollment. Here are some of the perks:

  • FREE two-day shipping on textbooks and tons of other stuff
  • Deals and promotions exclusively for Students

  • Borrow FREE Kindle Books & get unlimited instant streaming of
    movies & TV episodes when you join Amazon Prime for $49/year (50%
    off Prime)

Click on the banner below to check out the details.

Disclosure: If you sign up through my site, I do receive a teeny tiny miniscule commission which allows me to buy more stuff to review for you, so thank you!