Ways To Treat Yourself During Pregnancy (and Purchases to Avoid)

Why oh why when I am pregnant do I always see THE cutest fitted shift dress, or the most adorable high-waisted skirt? It seems like when I have my original figure in tact, nothing looks remotely appealing on the rack. I will admit, I purchased a few post-baby body dresses last pregnancy in hopes that they would fit (more of a gamble than drunken roulette at 3am at the Soaring Eagle Casino…not that I would know or anything).

Here are a few of my favorite “safer” items to splurge on when pregnant, and when buying stuff for the baby has gotten old.


Your nails usually look their best when you are pregnant, thanks to the overload of prenatal vitamins, so why not make ’em stand out! I know, we can all go overboard with stuff that is going to harm your unborn child. If we listened to EVERYthing, we would be living in a sterilized room, breathing triple purified oxygen and eating only hydroponically grown vegetables. If you are like me and still want to live life but take reasonable precautions, look for nail polish that is “3 Free”- no formaldehyde, toluene or especially DBP (which has been proven to pass through breast milk…eek).

The two “safer” brands that are commonly available are Butter London and Zoya (Zoya has been awarded as the longest wearing natural nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine). If you act FAST, like, um….tonight, you can get a BOGO deal on Zoya polish.

BUY: 3 Free & natural nail polished
AVOID: Cheap-o chemical filled ones

Yes, a statement necklace dresses up a maternity mumu nicely, but if you buy a crappy one (of which I have many) you probably won’t be wearing it anytime soon for two reasons. 1. You probably won’t be going many places after you have said baby and 2. Your little one is going to turn into a grabby necklace stealer/ruiner. Yes, ruiner is a word. Because I said so. If you have had your eye on that timeless Tiffany charm pendant, say yes to the necklace…because all of your money will be going to diapers and formula soon. I call it a pregnancy present, because yes push presents are great, but pregnancy isn’t all that easy either.

Tiffany Notes Alphabet Disc Charm Pendant- $125

BUY: A meaningful, high-quality necklace
AVOID: Poorly constructed baby attention-grabbers

I recently had a stream of fabulous but tiring events where I was on my feet for hours on end. Although I had a great time, I literally sat down on a planter in the middle of downtown Chicago at 10pm and cried because I couldn’t walk another block. (I am a cheap ass when it comes to parking and always try to find the best bargain, regardless of how far I have to walk to get to my event). Then and there, I decided to invest in some multipurpose maternity shoes that would get me (stylishly) from point A to point B. Treat yourself and your tootsies.


Sofft Oksana in Black Suede $97.95

BUY: Inexpensive but supportive shoes
AVOID: Anything you would be crushed that you couldn’t wear later when your feet inexplicably change sizes

How do you treat yourself during pregnancy?


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