The Secret DSW Shoe Sale

DSW is my go-to emporium for super sale designer shoes. If you don’t already know, I have a thing for finding the BEST deals, and often buy weird, random, impractical stuff that I never use. I have been trying my best to curb that habit lately (umm…case in point, I own many a pair of shoes so high that you literally can’t walk in them).

Whenever I go to DSW, I always make a bee line to the back of the store. I don’t bother with the “regular” shoes, I just hit up the clearance. This was the breakdown of corresponding color sticker discounts at my store today, although they do change it up so make sure to look close at your store:

Red= 30% off
Blue= 40% off
Purple= 50% off
Green= 70% off

What they don’t list are the YELLOW stickers, which are 80% off! Through the years, I have found many pairs of amazing shoes for not much more than $10, definitely under $20. Always check out the yellow stickers first- they are probably few and far between, but I can usually find a handful in my size. Also, some shoes run large or small (Ivanka Trump and Cole Haan both tend to run a little large according to my shoe guru at Nordstrom) so make sure to try on a size smaller or larger just in case.

I needed some gold shoes and love the d’Orsay style, so here is what I picked up today:

BCBG Paris Jaze Metallic d’Orsay Pump

These shoes are $59.95 on the DSW website, originally $89. And I got them for…$11.99.

I also bought these. Do they look familiar? From an episode of the greatest TV shoe ever made maybe? (forget that I just told you where I purchased them….) I will give you three words as a hint: urban shoe myth.

Nine West Bouffant Pump

YES!!! Ten points for the correct answer! Of course, Carrie was shopping in the Vogue closet with her scantily-clad boss and laid eyes upon Manolo Mary Janes. Mine- I paid $17.98. Mary Jane Campari Manolos run upwards of $700 at Saks. Go! Run!


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