Subscription Box Face Off: Birchbox vs. Ipsy

I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for a loooong time (ok, over a year for anything is long in my world) and I have accumulated more beauty samples than I could use in a year. Erase fine lines! Moisturize! Super shiny hair!

I have found a few must-have products, but lately….eh. They just keep sending me anti-aging stuff and shampoo. (PLEASE don’t say they are trying to tell me something…). I crave more makeup, nail polish, ya know- stuff that actually makes an impact immediately, not potions and lotions that may or may not work 50 years down the road but I will never know because I received a pea-sized sample.

I decided to do a beauty subscription box face off between the original subscription box, Birchbox and a newer one, Ipsy Glam Bag. Both cost $10 including shipping. Here’s what I received in my April boxes:

Birchbox- April

Items included:
Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo
Skin&Co Roma TRUFFLE THERAPY Anti-Aging Serum
Supergoop! CC Cream
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Pencil

Ipsy Glam Box- April

Items included:
St. Tropez Gradual Tan
Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm
Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil
White Gold Shadow & Highlighting Mousse
So Seductive Lashes
Makeup Bag

Lip Balm (and yes, that is Charlotte my 4 month old wanting to participate)
White Gold Shadow and Black Liner

Here is some info about the boxes:

BOTH are $10 per month, shipping included


  • Ipsy products always come in a re-usable makeup bag
  • Birchbox always comes in a brown paper box


  • Ipsy guides you through a quiz with questions such as “Describe your personal style,” as well as “How comfortable/adventurous are you with makeup?” and allows you to select which brands you love. You can re-take the quiz at any time.
  • Birchbox has a profile you can edit with questions such as “What type of hair do you have?” and “I can never have to many_________”

Point Systems-

  •  Ipsy allows you to earn points by reviewing products, reviewing that month’s bag, referring friends, sharing the Glam Bag and Question of the Month on Facebook as well as initially for joining. Points are used to get a bonus in your next month’s Glam Bag.
  • Birchbox allows you to earn points by completing reviews of that month’s products, spending money in the store and referring friends. $1 spent = 1 point, 1 review = 10 points, and 100 points – $10 credit in the store.

All in all? I am leaning towards Ipsy for sure. Birchbox does throw in some cute things from time to time (ombre bobby pins, lip gloss carrier key chain) but the past few months, no so hot. I might still keep the subscription because once in a while they hit a home run, and ten bucks is like two coffees. I also love getting stuff in the mail, plain and simple!

If you want to subscribe to either, use my link please! Yes, I do get some points, so thank you- it allows me to review extra products for y’all!


What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite subscription box?