Summer Sips: Spritzers!

When you think of a white wine spritzer, does anyone else think of Ned Flanders saying, “I’ll have a Shirley… No, a virgin… No, a children’s… Oh, what the heck? You only live once. Give me a white wine spritzer!”

Well, I have officially declared this the summer of the white wine spritzer. My friend Sonia- who is the epitome of chic- introduced them to me and it is literally the perfect drink for these reasons:

  • You can put ice in your wine without people glaring at you for the faux pas
  • You can drink twice as much
  • It is actually refreshing as opposed to sickly sweet
  • Lower cal!

Here are my fave mixers:
LaCroix Cúrate (coo-rah-tay)- the new line of LaCroix “combines French and Spanish cultures” (huh?) for these special edition flavors:

I am also excited to try a “Fresh Peach Spritzer”-

  • Puree some peaches
  • Add a glob of honey
  • Mix with white wine and Peach Pear LaCroix

How about a Mojito Spritzer?

  • Juice from 1/2 lime
  • Agave nectar or simple syrup
  • White wine
  • LaCroix Lime
  • Mint leaves

Muddle the mint with lime juice and syrup, pour LaCroix and wine in with some ice. Done! The blog Mountain Mama Cooks had an awesome post about it, and even introduced me to Skinny Girl Agave Sweetener (top of my grocery list today!).

And no, LaCroix isn’t sponsoring this post, I just love their stuff! It is a staple in my fridge, I get a little nervous when the supply gets low. Call me an addict.

And to serve it all in? How about these gorgeous polycarbonate (aka unbreakable) wine glasses from Le Cadeaux? They come in green, blue, yellow and clear.

What is your favorite refreshing summer drink?