Spring Wellness Trends

Spring is here and we are allllll ready to look and feel our best as our world starts to open up. Many of us have been hibernating for the past year, not completely taking the best care of ourselves outside or inside. Now is the time to kickstart new routines and rediscover what it means to be healthy and feel beautiful. Here are a few spring wellness trends that will help you feel your best outside and in!

spring wellness

Put Your Best Face Forward

RapidRenew is great for face, neck and décolleté for getting our skin prepared for Spring! Spring clothing and makeup trends are leaning towards showing a little skin- plunging v-necks, fresh faces, and showing a healthy glow. RapidRenew brightens and helps improve the look of pigmentation and large pores- this gives your skin a more even, toned look and for me, allows for less makeup.

Spring Health and Wellness- RapidRenew Skin Polish

What I love is that this product has both chemical (alpha-hydroxy) AND mechanical exfoliates. The mechanical exfoliates are perfectly spherical, and will not tear the skin. Remember the St. Ives Apricot Scrub that we ALL used in the 90s? Yeah, there is actually a lawsuit out claiming that this particular product accelerated aging because of the irregular pieces of walnut shells used- they actually tore the skin and enlarged pores. RapidRenew is safe to use on your skin- it won’t tear or tug at the pores because of the perfectly smooth exfoliants. They have perfected the at-home exfoliant and even added Vitamin A, C, and E to help keep skin healthy.

It even has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon– pretty impressive if you ask me!

Beauty and Wellness from the Inside Out

I notice that if I get into a rut where I am not drinking enough water, skipping workouts, consuming a few too many cocktails, and eating more fast food, it shows on my skin and greatly impacts my energy. Celltrient Cellular Nutrition is the first brand to provide a range of targeted cellular nutrients designed to address three major mechanisms of Age-Associated Cellular Decline (AACD), including decreased strength and energy. I am all about science-backed anti-aging products that work from the inside out. Many topical products don’t address the root causes of aging, they try to undo the damage that has already occurred. Spring wellness in my mind is all about working from the inside out!

Spring health- cellular nutrients

There are three main products in the line to support different needs related to aging- Strength, Protect, and Energy. I could spout a ton of scientific jargon about what each product does, but not my style. If you want to find out more about aging on a cellular level, check out the info here.

Eat Healthy On-the-Go

I wish I could say that I eat all of my meals and snacks sitting down at the table. Conscious eating is something I am working on- truly focusing on what food goes in my mouth and figuring out when I feel 80% full and stopping. But. I am on the go the majority of the day, and often find myself with plummeting energy levels and the need for food- FAST.

Spring Health- Keto

There are a few bars I have tried, like Kind and Cliff, but they just felt really heavy in my stomach or too sweet. Also, many have a TON of sugar, and my body doesn’t handle high doses of the sweet stuff well. I crash, fast. Core Foods came out with a Keto bar that are crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients and have only 2g of sugar & only 3g of net carbs to keep you full & fueled! CORE Keto Bars are certified keto, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. You can find them in the REFRIGERATED section at grocery stores, or online at corefoods.com. Spring wellness includes eating right, even on the go.

Workout and Recovery

Before this fall, I NEVER had a consistent workout routine. I would try an online workout plan for about a week (hey, Beachbody!), and then quit because a) I didn’t notice a difference in my body and b) it sucked. Plain and simple. I just hated the exercises, and could never motivate myself enough to do them on my own. I always shied away from group classes or exercising anywhere that someone could actually SEE me, mainly because I was insecure about my stamina and form.

Finally, a friend asked me to join her with a personal trainer friend of mine. Honestly, I was scared $hitless- would I be able to keep up? Would I have to quit halfway through and fake an injury or asthma attack (important note: I don’t have asthma)? These things honestly ran through my head. I dove in anyway, and it has been the single most important thing I have done for myself- mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Recovery, though, can be tough. I often have muscle aches and pains that make it difficult to stay motivated to push through. (I am talking about routine aches, not muscle pulls or tears). I have friends that swear by cryotherapy. I have tried it in the past and loved the exhilaration, but it is too expensive and inconvenient for me.

Spring Health- Workout Recovery with TIDL

I was intrigued when I heard about TIDL Sport that is like “cryotherapy in a bottle.” It allows you to target the specific affected muscle group with a blast of cold that encourages long-term healing and pain relief at the source. It is used by people who KNOW athleticism- Olympians, UFC fighters, and trainers. I used it last week when I tweaked my shoulder- and ohhhh. Totally different than products I have used in the past. I even bought a THC and CBD-infused pain relief balm a few months ago- umm….didn’t work, and at $48 I felt ripped off. TIDL feels cool when applied, then continues to give that cryo feel long after application. You can feel it cooling/warming the muscles in a unique way. It goes further than other pain relief products by promoting healing by calming inflammation at the source with plant-based products.

Anything I can do to help my body heal AND feels good? I’m in.


Cheers to spring wellness and taking care of your body inside and out. Self-care is about much more than bubble baths and facemasks- it is listening to your body, mind, and soul and figuring out what YOU need to optimize all components.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own, as always!