Save Your Sips with Drink Tops

Some people look at me with confusion when I tell them the name of my blog. Others wait a beat, then give a belly laugh because they get it. I hope you are the latter, but if not, it is all about maintaining your sense of self and style while being a mom. And no, I don’t do this job without alcohol. I definitely do it WITH booze, but just not nearly as much as when I was painting the Lincoln Park scene red with my early-twenties antics.

I saw Drink Tops recently on Windy City Live when Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms chatted about them. I knew if Jill gave this product the thumbs up, I had to test it out. I mean, it fits with my brand, and I can’t tell you the amount of times I spilled a glass of wine because a kid body slammed me. So I got in touch with Linda, the brilliant Chicago area mom who created the product, and asked for a sample to put this product to the MOM test! There are a few different types:

The MOD comes in two different sizes, basically wine or margarita. The GLOW is the same but glows in the dark for nighttime fun (avail. January 2017). WINE lets your wine breathe with a fine mesh in the middle. KIDS feature cute faces. All come in packs of 4, and range from $19.95-$24.95.

Drink Tops are a multi-use product. Here are all the brilliant ways they make beverage consumption better:

  • Prevent flies and bugs from being attracted to and entering your vino glass
  • Prevent spills when walking/running/playing sports with your beverage
  • Prevent spills when your kiddos are being obnoxious/clumsy/uncoordinated with their drinks
  • Act as a coaster to save the gorgeous end table you splurged on instead of buying groceries that week
  • Drink markers to remember which wine is yours after a few
  • Snack plate for when you get the munchies
  • Fabulous Frisbee in a “I forgot all toys for our trip to the beach” pinch

They are made from food grade silicone and feature a super simple tap and seal seal. Here, let me demo it:

(If the glass is less than 4″ in diameter, the top can become dislodged…so you are better off erring on the side of caution and using a large glass 😉 On an unrelated note, if you like my nail polish, it is Essie no place like chrome. The mirror polish trend is so hot right now.)

I think these tops are absolutely brilliant. I was up at my parent’s house on Torch Lake and running down the hill to hop on the pontoon for a midday cruise and the Drink Tops stayed put. My mom even swiped one of my samples to keep for herself.

I decided to have a little fun with these for #ThirstyThursday. I set up a mom obstacle course, and decided to complete it with a glass of wine in hand. The goal? To complete each “momstacle” and celebrate with a sip of wine, and to finish the course without spilling. Remember, I am pretty much the most uncoordinated, non-athletic person I know so this was a challenge.

The Obstacles

Cook Dinner While Kids Are Starving

Run Down the Stairs Because You Heard a Blood-Curdling Scream (or Everything is Quiet, both scenarios are equally terrifying)

I’m On an Important Phone Call

Bath Time After a Birthday Party Where Someone Gave Your Kids a $hitload of Sugar

Help Me Go To The Bathroom (Includes the Bonus Round of Wipe My Bottom)

Well, I made it through all last night without a spill in sight! Drink Tops are like performance-enhancing drugs in this scenario, but legal.

Seen enough of how amazing these things are? Need them in your life stat? You are in luck, because I have an exclusive promo code for 15% off now through Labor Day! Use code CHEERS15OFF to save some dough and save your vino. Pick your products here and cheers to you!