Put your best face forward

So, in the new days of mommyhood, I started to realize that lack of sunlight and motivation was turning my perfectly made-up face into perfectly pasty and plain. Just because I don’t have anywhere to go (or actually am not allowed to go anywhere, thank you to emergency surgery!) doesn’t mean that I feel ok looking like I belong in a women’s prison. I came up with an easier makeup routine that fit with my sleepless, sunless state during the hot summer months. Here goes nothing…or something for once!

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for eyes
Cover Girl Intense ShadowBlast in Bronze Bling
Rimmel London Waterproof Eye Definer in Noir
Cover Girl LastBlast Volume Blasting Mascara in Very Black
Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tint Blush in Poppy
Philosophy ooey gooey s’mores very emollient flavored lip shine

Ok, let’s start with the eyes since that is where the sleepless nights really show. First and foremost, a good concealer is a must, preferably one that does double or triple duty. This one by Neutrogena is a concealer, eye cream and SPF all in one; it is creamy and doesn’t settle into the fine lines. Next is eye shadow…before I discovered primer, my shadow would settle into zebra-like stripes on my lids by 3pm. Cover Girl Intense ShadowBlast has a primer built in, and no need to search for a shadow brush to apply. It looks like lip gloss- a spongy applicator is in the cap. My only tip is to let it dry and not touch it before applying additional shadow or liner. Next is liner and mascara…the most important to wake up my eyes since I am a blonde and could be a stand in for Powder the albino without these products. Rimmel makes a great waterproof liner (great for the post-partum crying jags!) with a blendable tip on the other end. I also love the Cover Girl LashBlast mascara for Volume…again, you can get waterproof if your little one’s cries are contagious.

On to the cheeks…this is my new absolute FAVORITE product, a cheek tint versus a blush. In hot weather, blush tends to cake up and look fake. This cheek tint gives a healthy glow; great for faking that you haven’t been cooped up inside for 96 hours in a row and haven’t even seen the light of day. Tip- only use a SMALL amount and blend with a little lotion if your skin is dry. I used a healthy squirt of this at first and ended up looking like Bozo. The last product I use is a lip gloss. When breastfeeding, you have to drink an amount of water that would provide for a third world country in order to stay sufficiently hydrated, and it shows in your lips. This Philosophy gloss is sticky, yes, but I find it is the only one whose moisturizing power doesn’t disappear within 10 minutes.

Best of luck to those new moms who want to feel somewhat normal again, even if their shorty is the only one who notices their efforts.