All dressed up…and needing to dispense drinks!

I felt that I had finally mastered the art of pregnant apparel selection only now to be faced with the even trickier dilemma of “How in the hell do I feed my son without getting arrested for indecent exposure?” Although, admittedly, I have not ventured outside of the four walls of my confine (erm…house, I mean) very often, I still don’t want to have to strip every 2-3 hours in order to give up the goods!

I had never even considered that this would be an issue when I was pregnant. I even went so far as to go post-pregnancy apparel shopping with my girlfriends after brunch while in Bucktown one sunny afternoon. I was feeling so uplifted by the thought of being able to wear REAL clothing, unencumbered by the massive bump below my boobs that I went a little nuts in the dressing room. I brought every trendy, adorable dress in there that caught my eye, and “tried them on.” This not fully being possible, I pulled them as far as they would go and paraded around the boutique. My girlfriends must have thought I was insane, but politely refrained from criticism. The dresses I bought are still in my closet, tags on, and who in the hell knows when Coral will be the in color again.

I have found a few versatile clothing options that will do for now…

Old Navy Cross-Front Jersey Dress $26.50
Walmart Twist Front Maxi Dress $18
DVF Jeanne Wrap Dress $185.50
Target Self Tie Shirt Dress $24.99

There are a few basic styles that work with nursing. The first is a deep cross front dress like the one above from Old Navy. Just wear a nursing cami underneath, and pull the top to the side when ready to nurse!

Next is a basic tank dress- this one is a little more tricky…you need to pull one strap off to nurse, but great for lounging around the house (and completely affordable since it will most likely be covered in baby vomit).

Then comes the “Out of the house, finally!” dress from DVF. I think every nursing mom needs one of these. I am wearing my DVF wrap dress out to dinner tonight with a nursing cami underneath; I might actually feel like a fully functioning member of society.

The last is a shirt dress, just unbutton and voila! Instant buffet. Bon Appetit!