So…there seems to come a point in most pregnancies where your wedding rings just aren’t fitting like they used to. Mine came about a month before I was due to give birth- I woke up with slight sausage fingers and had a mini-freak out that I wouldn’t be able to get my rings off. I eventually stopped wearing them, not thinking much of it…until I went to my breastfeeding class. In the class description, husbands/partners were “highly encouraged” to attend as well. Ummm…no thanks, I would rather suffer through talking about my boobs alone, thank you.

So, I threw on a cute dress, flip flops and took a seat amongst the other attendees…who happened to be all couples! I was the lone single lady in the front row. I didn’t mind at all until the break, when the pitying looks started being slung my way from the husbands. I didn’t make the connection until I was talking to one of my friends that weekend. She told me that her friend made a trip to Claire’s to buy a fake wedding ring because she was sick and tired of being mistaken for a knocked-up teen. Aha…so that’s why I got the looks! Although I am 30 and highly doubt anyone thought I was a cast member for 16 and Pregnant, I am sure they thought I was a single mom “braving it on my own.”

I laughed, not really caring, just thinking it was funny. A few weeks later, though, I did put a ring on it when I felt naked without my wedding rings. I kept thinking that I had lost my ring, that it fell off somehow, until I remembered that I deliberately wasn’t wearing one. I already had a fake engagement ring that I purchased during a particularly friendly trip to Italy where the older men really liked to brush up against single, blond, American women, so no pilgrimage to Claire’s for me. BUT- ladies, if you want to upgrade that ring for just a little while, go all out and get a celeb replica! (Or pick out a budget sparkler for less than $10). Rings below are available on the Emitations website.

Replica of Paris Hilton’s engagement ring; original worth $4.7M with 26 TCW
Replica of Mariah Carey’s engagement ring- sans pink diamonds
Replica of Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 carat whopper