Crocs- Why aren’t they an endangered species?

While hanging out at one of my childbirth classes, I took a survey of the footwear modeled by my fellow classmates. To my horror, I discovered that a shocking percentage were wearing full-out, old-school Crocs! Now, I pardon whomever invented these shoes. They are apparently great for at-home activities such as gardening, but should come with an ankle monitor. I do not forgive the person who deemed them worthy to be worn in public, social settings.

I am not going to sit here and lie, though. I do own two pair…one I bought for my my wedding:

I bought them to go under my wedding dress after I could no longer wear the adorable but blister-raising heels I bought to go with the dress. Could anyone see them? Nope!

I also was forced to buy a pair of these on vacation while in a remote village in Mexico (apparently not remote enough to be without a Crocs store!!) because every pair of flip flops that I brought tore my feet to shreds:

This was done out of desperation, but I quickly found out why people actually wear this brand of footwear. I wear these around the house and yard, and on an occasional trip to the grocery store during pregnancy.

However…these are not an option:

Funny enough, these are the Mario Batali limited edition of crocs. Before you even consider purchasing something as hideous as this, ask yourself- am I a professional chef? Would I consider wearing chef pants as well to complete the ensemble?

Point (hopefully) taken.