New Years Eve Accessories and Up Dos

Yesterday I posted my New Years Eve outfit from OMONI BOUTIQUE, but the post was waaaay too long to talk about accessories as well. Today- you get the little details that pull the look together!

As for the bag, I love the unique shape of this one from Ella Louvi. The chain is adjustable so you can even transform it into a cross body if you are on the move. This one holds a TON of goodies- from my iPhone to my mini eye shadow palette from Stowaway to a mini bottle of vodka…just kidding. Kind of.

Style Tip: If you are going to be dancing, don’t bring a clutch. A sleek crossbody is the way to go…just make sure it isn’t a clutch with a chintzy chain. *Shudder*

Since the outfit is already a showstopper, I opted for basic (but not boring) large oval Nouveau Earrings from Park Lane Jewelry; shop with Julyn…she is the queen of bling! With a high neck and a low back, no necklace is needed. 

Style Tip: Don’t add a long necklace when wearing a high necked shirt. You will look like a priest with a rosary. Not the look you were probably going for, eh?

The nail polish is a rose gold from Trust Fund Beauty called Champagne Socialite. I didn’t want to go solid gold- totally too matchy-matchy with my outfit so I went for a slight rose gold hue. This is my favorite posh polish brand not only because of the clever names ($12 Latte and Resting Bitch Face are my front runners), but this stuff actually lasts. They are more of a shimmer than a glitter for an updated party polish that looks more society queen than tween. 

Style Tip: If you go full on glitter on your nails, make sure you are truly covering your whole nail. This recent breakthrough on how to apply glitter polish rocked the beauty world in 2016. Mind blown.

As for the ring, I wanted something bold because the rest of my jewelry was fairly tame. A cocktail ring has Look-at-Me, I’m-a-Rebel origins. During Prohibition, a carefully crafted cocktail was a status symbol. Women donned big baubles on their fingers in order to draw attention to the fact that they were rocking a Gin Rickey. A cocktail ring begs to be taken out on NYE, so why not buy one you love and make it a tradition?

Mine is from Bombay Taxi Boutique, an amazing online and pop up store full of affordable luxury pieces brought stateside from India. These pieces are incredibly unique, all named after Bollywood actresses to showcase the showstopping nature. One of my BFFs Shibani Faehnle founded Bombay Taxi in 2015 borne from a love of jewelry and Indian culture. Stay tuned for an interview with her in 2017!

As for the hair style, I wanted something EASY that I could do myself that was off my neck to showcase the back of the halter. Something that didn’t involve heat-related tools or crazy intricate braids that I would have to try 20 times to make look halfway decent. I Pinterst’ed this style and was thrilled with how it turned out.

I don’t make it a habit of using images from other bloggers on my site, but I could NOT find the original post for this up do and I SO wanted you to see how it was done! So…to The Beauty Department, please let me know if I can link this up! I searched the whole site and could only find this image via Pinterest. I used Living Proof Full Body Volume Blast to achieve texture at my roots (MIRACLE worker for thin hair), clear elastics to separate, and blonde bobby pins to secure. SO EASY.

Skip the salon, pour a glass of bubbly and do this at home!

Cheers to a fabulous 2017!