How to Apply Mascara to Look More Awake

As a mom of two preschoolers who are constantly playing musical beds in the middle of the night, I am tired. And I know I look it. This is why I employ beauty techniques such as ingeniously applying mascara to make me look more awake even if I am about to drop face down into my afternoon macchiato.

I put together a short video on how to apply mascara to make you look more awake- something I am sure we could all use. Whether you are in your 20s, partying until all hours of the night at Hangge Uppe (oh the days!) or a mom on rotation with sick kids all night, this method works to brighten your eyes and lift those tired lids!

Step 1

Prep your eyes with Visine. Yes, sounds ridiculously easy, but having bright white as a contrast to your eye color (instead of bloodshot) will go a long way to making you look awake. And if it reminds you of your wake and bake days, well…so be it.

Step 2

Grab that eyelash curler. Nudge it right to the tips of your eyelashes and pump it open and closed a dozen times. If you clamp it down and wait it will create a crease instead of a curve (thanks Stephen Dimmick of Daily Dimmick for this tip!). Repeat mid-lash and at the very root of your lashes.

Step 3

Grab a volumizing mascara like the new Maybelline Colossal Big Shot that I received to review recently. This mascara delivers a heft dose of volume in just one coat, or maximum volume with a few coats. This is my new go-to everyday mascara- it doesn’t flake, clump, and stays on all day.

Step 4

Take the wand out and wipe the goop off the end. Place the wand parallel to your lash line at the roots and wiggle back and forth. Gently blink your lashes to apply. Repeat for all lashes. For a doe-eyed look, direct lashes out toward your cheekbones. For a more awake look, direct lashes in towards your nose.

Step 5

Hold the wand so it looks like you are going to poke yourself in the eye. “Paint” any lashes you missed, like the ones on the very edges.

Voila! Instant awake! Thank you to Influnster and Maybelline for sending the complimentary sample of their new mascara. Cheers to looking more awake and surviving on the minimum number of hours of consecutive sleep humanly possible!



  1. February 3, 2017 / 5:20 am

    Good style.back to catching up with fave bloggers and getting inspired with their style…

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