My Top Healthy Hair Habits

Confession: I haven’t had my hair cut in a full year. And no, this isn’t a healthy hair habit.

Amazingly, my hair isn’t fried, riddled with split ends, or all over the place. I am uber careful when deciding which products to put in my hair, how I heat style, and what I use to keep my hair off my face. Here are a few of my favorite healthy hair habits to keep those strands spectacular in between your (hopefully more frequent) trips to the salon!

Steer clear of sulfates.

These truly do dry out your hair. If your shampoo creates massive suds, it most likely contains sulfates. In addition to drying out the strands, it also fades color.

Use conditioner from mid-length down; don’t use near roots. 

Many conditioners are hugely hydrating but can weigh down hair when applied to the roots.  I start at the nape of my neck and work to the tips. And yes, everyone needs conditioner of some type even if you have oily hair. There are different formulations for different types.

Use products that strengthen the hair, including pre-styling treatments.

I tested out Kenra Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo, Conditioner and CC Cream. Yes, that isn’t a typo- SNAIL essence is used. Like many current beauty trends, Snail Essence is a mega hit in Korea and coming to the US. It is a highly concentrated blend of proteins, and no snails are harmed in the process 🙂

I was impressed with how shiny and soft the set left my hair, especially since I spent hours in a pool last weekend (see my Instagram for details…a late night cannon ball and back flip was involved). Grab these products at Ulta!

Don’t brush when sopping wet.

I press my hair with my towel when I get out of the shower, then wrap up in a Dreamdry Dream Turban. If you must get those tangles out right away, use a wide tooth comb or a Wet Brush. Strands are totally susceptible to breakage when wet. The CC Cream helps a bit with de-tangling, just just make sure to start at the bottom.

Avoid alcohol when styling.

Alcohol to drink while styling your hair: yes. Alcohol in your hair styling products: no. I have used a drugstore brand that was sans alcohol, but it didn’t really hold my hair. Kenra came out with the first professional strength alcohol free shaping spray which really locked my hair into place.

I used it for Diner en Blanc last weekend, and my Gwyneth-inspired locks stayed in place even through the late night outdoor dance floor session.

Use hair ties that don’t snag.

I recently received the Invisiboble Traceless Hair Rings to test out, and they are a winner in my book. They don’t cause kinks or split ends and I am down with the clear color. Knotted elastics like the original Emi Jay ones are fabulous as well.

Beat the heat. 

Have you ever used a wand or flat iron and hear the hiss while styling? Or felt your hair stick to your tool? Yep, that’s damage you can hear. Kenra also sent their Platinum Heat Block Spray for me to try, and I adore it. So many heat sprays weigh your hair down- they are spritzes instead of aerosol. Kenra’s wraps hair cuticles in natural resin to provide protection. It also allows a clean release from styling tools. This JUST came out in August at Ulta stores.

I use my T3 wand to create waves like this, and always usea heat protector prior to styling.

Any other tips and tricks for keeping hair healthy besides actually get it cut? ‘Cause I know I need to make that appointment STAT!

Cheers for healthy, youthful hair and not going the mom ‘do route!
Disclosure: I was provided with samples of Kenra product for review purposes; all opinions are honest and my own.