My Review of the Styling Service Stitch Fix!

Have you ever gotten into a style rut? You know, where you just keep wearing the exact same outfits over and over, even though you have a closet bursting with clothes? You throw your hands up and utter “I have NOTHING to wear!” while your husband/boyfriend/BF/kids roll their eyes at you and glare pointedly at your overflowing wardrobe?

Yep. Been there, especially at the very end of a season when I am tired of my same ol’ same ol’ or the beginning of a season when I take inventory of what is in the storage boxes and think “Really? I actually wore that last year?!”

I decided to test out Stitch Fix for spring this year, mainly because after having kids, I feel a bit too old for mini skirts (ok, WAY to old according to ahem…some people), not entirely sure if I can pull of skinny jeans anymore, and am looking for the best way to stay young while not looking like I am trying to stay young. Get it?

First things first. I hopped on their site and was taken to a style profile. They asked me questions like:
Basics– height, weight, size
Style classification– Bohemian, Classic, Glamorous, Edgy, Preppy, Romantic, Casual Chic

They then gave me 7 sets of clothing and asked me what I thought of the collection:
Love it
Like it
Like some
Don’t like it much at all

Here are a few examples (but they don’t tell you which style classification each belongs to! I figured it out):


 They then go through a series of more lifestyle questions and yes, actually ask if you are a mom (wonder what items THAT answer knocks out!). They also ask what type of clothing you would like to focus on (business, casual, cocktail, date night), what items to avoid, what areas you like to flaunt vs. cover up (ranges from “cheaper the better” to $200+), colors and prints you would like to avoid, and all of your social media account info. That’s the cool part to me- they can cruise my Pinterest “Fashion” board and see what my style is (and what it isn’t- if you give me boho chic, I will light it on fire). BTW- I told them the cheaper the better on everything except denim.

Here’s what I told them in the final notes section:
Yes, I’m a mom but I don’t want to look like a mom. I had a baby 3 months ago so would love to avoid anything that hits tight around the midsection. That being said, I don’t want baggy, shapeless items either. I work(ish) in the world of fashion so love more edgy pieces that stand out.

Rowe Printed Shift Dress- $78
Ashford Striped Cross-Front Knit Shirt

Annnndddddd…’s what they gave me!

Adorra Skinny Jean
Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse- $48
Century Pop Color Double Chain Necklace- $32
Style Card & personal note from stylist

Each fix comes with 5 handpicked items; a professional stylist analyzes your profile and selects things for you. You try on everything and send back the stuff you don’t like (you have 3 days to return it with a prepaid shipping package). I thought the white draped shirt was too momish (although it fit pretty well), the skinny jeans were great (although super long), the shift dress made me look bigger than I was (although I liked the fit and print), the necklace was adorable but I have a lot like it, and the heart print shirt was super cute (but over-priced for me). In fact, I found the exact same blouse at Francesca’s for $38. I kept the skinny jeans only and sent the rest back.

Price: $20 styling fee per fix, which you can use towards your final purchase.
Discounts: You can get 25% off your entire order if you keep all five items.
Frequency: Schedule fixes as often as you like- it isn’t a subscription service, so no worrying about “forgetting to cancel”

You get these style cards with each fix that tell you how to style each item so you can see how to incorporate everything into your wardrobe (genius).

If you want to give this service a try, you are only in for $20 (which gets applied towards anything you want to keep). Check it out here and this link will tell them I sent you!

Also check out their blog for different styled outfits! Although I only kept one item, I am a fan of the concept. They say that the more feedback you give your stylist, the better your fixes get.

Disclosure: My $20 styling fee was waived thanks to Klout, but anything I purchased was with my own funds. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.