My Favorite New Indulgence: Cookie Fries!

I just discovered the most adorable dessert. If you know me, I absolutely love to entertain and believe presentation is key. I wrack my brain to think of fun ways to serve interesting food items, and this one takes the cake…or um…cookie.

The Cookie Joint is a North Shore-based company, started by Jill and Susie- the coolest moms on the block. I stopped by one of their events last weekend to find out more about this culinary concept.

Different Stages in Life, Different Careers

This entrepreneurial duo has been in business since 2010, and their mutual passion for the arts and all things delicious brought them together. They actually met when their kids were in nursery school, and started this venture as a sort of third career. Susie described it best when she remarked that you go through different career stages in life. First, you have the “no kids” career. Most of us have been there- we would work insane hours and didn’t have to worry about supporting anyone, just funding our ever-growing shoe collection. If you decide to stay at home or modify your work hours/environment after the kids come, you enter into the second career of your life. The third and probably most fun is when the kids fly the coop, and you are able to follow your passion. That is where these two gals are at, and they are doing a smashing job.

Cookie Fries: The Cookie Joint Founders

A Family Affair

The best thing about this biz is that the WHOLE family is involved, from siblings to spouses to children. They have a marketing magnate, a financial whiz and even a daughter with a winning smile to showcase the goods.

The Good, The Challenging, and The Delicious

I asked the pair what the best part of the business was, and being able to exercise their creativity in creating concepts and actually showing people their product ranked at the top. The most challenging? Getting their name out there. It is tough for many companies, but since they have been featured on WGN and in INSIDE Weddings, I think they are well on their way! You can check out their feature on WGN for instructions on how to make amazing raspberry dipping sauce that looks like ketchup.

Cookie Fries with dipping sauces

Fry Baby

Cookie fries take the number one spot on their roster of ridiculously delicious treats. They are shortbread cookies that come in original, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, cinnamon spice and chocolate toffee crunch and are hand cut to look like crinkle cut french fries. They can be paired with their delectable dipping sauces- salted caramel, marshmallow, hazelnut, peanut butter, or chocolate. The packaging is one of my favorite parts, though- the fries come in fast food-esque fry cartons! Having a party? Grab an assortment of cookie fries served in a deep fry basket. More of a pie lover than a cookie craver? Try their Pie Dippers in Apple, Cherry and Blueberry.

Cookie Fries in classic diner-style packaging

These babies are all natural, so I had no reservations about feeding them to my little man. He can be picky, so the fact that he kept requesting more solidifies the fact that these are absolutely delicious:

Bryson enjoying Cookie Fries!

Thinking of sending flowers or chocolates to your honey for Valentine’s Day? Get creative and try a basket of Cookie Fries instead! Upcoming wedding? How about some “Black Fry Optional” Cookie Fries!

Visit their website at to see all of the fabulous treats they have to offer.



  1. Anonymous
    February 1, 2013 / 11:12 pm

    Cool idea! I want to get some!

    • February 2, 2013 / 12:23 am

      I tried them and I literally can't get enough! I am thinking of creating a kids party with a spin on fast food using these. SO FUN!