Super Bowl Soiree

Everyone has a different party style. Some go all out, others enjoy the low-key laid-back atmosphere.
Here are three party ideas for all levels!

Upscale Gathering

If you are in the mood for a more sophisticated party, an easy way to amp up the wow factor is to class up the serving pieces.

Martini Mashed Potato Bar

I don’t know one person (besides my toddler) that doesn’t love mashed potatoes, although it tends to only act as a backdrop to many a meatloaf. Set up your bar with two different kinds of mash- sweet potato and redskin. You can pop them in a twin heating system for a maintenance-free main course. Arrange martini glasses artfully next to an array of toppings. Make sure to include the staples: sour cream, chives, cheddar and bacon bits in addition to some unexpected extras: candied pecans, crème fraîche, and parmesan crisps.

Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Cole Slaw

Best thing about pulled pork: you can make it in advance (or buy it) and heat it up in a snap.  Costco has it, so keep it easy. Serve this with gravy boats of different BBQ sauces: Sweet, Spicy, Zesty. Add a sampler of add-ons such as pickles and cole slaw. Anyone else feel that KFC has the best slaw, hands down? No? Eh, moving on.

Football Cake Pops

Yes, cake pops. They haven’t lost their appeal in my world. It is easy to shape these balls into the form of a football and prop amongst some fake grass. Centerpiece and dessert- two for the price of one! Check out this great how-to video.

Down Home Get Down

Comfort food is aptly named for a reason. It evokes nostalgic memories of mom’s cooking, or at least a trip to your favorite diner. Here are a few dishes that provide an updated take on the traditional.

Corn Dog Corn Muffins

Meat on a stick is awesome, but kick it up a notch with a twist on this carnival classic. Corn muffins get transformed into something amazing with the addition of cocktail sausages. Grab a super easy recipe here.

Mac n’ Cheese Bites

Mac n’ cheese is my all-time favorite food, and what could be better than a bite-size morsel of cheesy deliciousness? The easiest appetizers are 1-2 bites, and these will disappear faster than my interest in the actual game (as opposed to the commercials).

Traditional Brew n’ View Football Fest
 Sometimes you want to just remain close to the roots of a true football fete- beer & spicy, messy food. Here are a few ideas to keep the magic alive in this classic marriage.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Wings n’ beer should be the official food and drink combo of the NFL. Although insanely delicious, wings can get mega messy. Mix up this dip and let simmer in a mini crock pot. Serve with traditional celery sticks in addition to blue cheese crackers.


I make a mean chili- not too mild, not too wild. You can pop your favorite recipe in a crock pot and watch it simmer away to deliciousness through the evening. One great way to add some intrigue is to serve in bread bowls. Tear off the top of large rolls and hollow out the inside. Make sure to have traditional chili toppers on hand as well. Here is my favorite recipe; tried, tested and approved by the most discerning chili connoisseur I know, my dad.

Beer Cheese Fondue

My husband and I make this every year for our annual Oktoberfest. Make sure to add your favorite ale or lager for a super special snack! Add pumpernickel, sour dough and a few veggies to the tray to make people think they are eating something healthy.