How to Throw a Fabulous Super Bowl Party with Minimal Effort

I will admit- I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the halftime show.

I am not a major football fan- I can barely tell you who is playing unless I am hosting a Super Bowl Party. I can, however, tell you the Half Time Show performer, make a killer 7 layer dip, and keep beer ice cold. All ingredients for a fabulous super bowl party.

I recently popped into Fox 32’s Good Day Chicago to spill my party secrets with Sally Schulze- she liked the one about box wine best 😉

Here are my tips on how to throw a fabulous Super Bowl Party with minimal effort. I am all about saving money, keeping it simple, and having a helluva good time.

Buy decor you can reuse.

Decorations set the mood for any party, but they can also cost a pretty penny. Skip the team-themed décor for your Super Bowl Party and stick to a basic football theme. Add team spirit by grabbing plates, napkins, cups, and plasticware in team colors, which you can re-use extras for birthday parties, summer BBQs or even holiday parties.

Shop online.

I don’t even leave the house- fighting the crowds and trying to hit up ten stores to find the perfect shade of blue is ridiculous. You can shop through a cashback site such as TopCashback to order items online- for example, receive 10 percent cash back at Dollar General or 4 percent cash back at Dollar Tree.

If you aren’t using a cash back site to shop online, you are seriously missing out. is my fave because the most generous cashback/rebates site in the US. Most cashback sites will give a fraction of this commission back to you, but TopCashback is the ONLY site that returns 100% of the commission back to shoppers as a cashback rebate.

The process is simple. Sign up and log into your TopCashback account, search for a retailer and hit ‘Get Cashback Now’. The site will automatically redirect you to make your purchase at the retailer’s website. Behind the scenes, TopCashback will be able to see how much you’ve spent and award your cashback account with the appropriate rebate. They have over 4,000 stores, many that you already use such as,,, and more.

Make it a Potluck or BYOB.

This is a fantastic way to minimize your party expenses- food is expensive, and booze can be even more so. Plus, this way, your guests can bring whatever they like to eat or drink- have you ever had a guest ask for a specific vodka or mixer that you definitely don’t stock? If using Evite for your Super Bowl Party, they have an option to ask guests to sign up for something to bring. It is even integrated with Amazon so they can order it to their house or yours. Genius.

Assemble, don’t make from scratch.

Yeah, I am going to call myself a master assembler. I love taking a product, tweaking it, and calling it my own. Perfect example- Football Krispie Treats. I bought a box of chocolate Rice Krispie Treats, carved them into a football shape, added white frosting “laces” and popped on a green tray. If you have a cookie cutter it makes it even easier!

Have one or two “wow” items.

I usually have one wow item- something big yet inexpensive that stands out to detract from the fact that other things might be generic. This year, I purchased an inflatable “salad bar” from Using brought the price to below $20- fill it with ice to make a football field cooler, or add toppings in bowls for a make-your-own-taco or chili bar.

Buy generic and personalize yourself.

Purchase Solo cups in your team’s colors, then add a football sticker. BOOM! Instant football-themed cups. Napkins can be personalized with rubber stamps and a permanent inkpad- stamp it in the corner to avoid the ink interfering with the actual napkin use.

Another item- I grabbed the ever-popular GoGo squeeZ pouches (did you know they now have shelf-stable YOGURT pouches??) and added their free Football Themed Pouch Covers.

My super secret tip: Buy box wine (you can get truly good wine for a lot less if it is in a box!) and spray paint it brown. Using a white paint pen, add “laces” to the front. Cheers to Kick Off Chardonnay or Touchdown Tempranillo!

Have some entertainment for the kids.

Most kids I know can’t hack a 5-hour football game on TV without getting antsy. Have something for them to do- whether it is coloring sheets, DIY football decorations to put around the house, or even Football Bingo thanks to GoGo squeeZ. Winner gets a GoLong! Dice Game (that you can order on Amazon Prime), which entertains the kids even longer for post-game gossip.

However you choose to celebrate, make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. And my the odds be ever in your favor.

Cheers to throwing a FABULOUS party with minimal effort!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you purchase through my site. It doesn’t, however, affect your price. I received product from and GoGo squeeZ for review purposes; all opinions are honest and my own as always.