Hot Holiday Toys Under $60

I am an early holiday shopper. As in, before December, I have about 80% of my shopping done, and often hide gifts just to forget that I even purchased them. This year is no different- I am already shopping and squirreling away the best picks for my family and friends. Here are the hot holiday toys for under $60, which usually my budget for the kids in my life!

Hot Holiday Toys Under $60

Stocking Stuffer: 
BriteBrush- $19.99

Winner of three top parenting awards, BriteBrush is making smiles merry and bright this holiday. My kids absolutely love this product- it honestly encourages them to keep their pearly whites clean without my nagging. Perfectly stocking-sized and priced under $20, BriteBrush GameBrush is packed with seven fun games including space attack, soccer pinball, dance star, punch master, race car rally, arcade, and rockstar jam! 

BriteBrush Holiday Stocking Stuffer

BriteBrush gives kids a fun way to brush their teeth right out of the box, with no apps required, by using songs, games, and live coaching to encourage proper brushing techniques and finally making it fun to brush right. There is no iPad required, no phone apps to download, no extra devices necessary in the bathroom. THIS is huge to me since my kids are on iPads all day long with remote learning, and I don’t want to add screen time when they are just brushing their teeth.

BriteBrush Baby Shark transports younger children to the ocean with cool bubble popping adventures, treasure hunts, and their favorite Baby Shark song! It is catchy, and although parents might find it running through their head all day, kids love it.

Diversity in the Toy Box: The Fresh Dolls- $17.99

Now more than ever, parents are encouraging diversity through play and early childhood learning. The Fresh Dolls are a line of multicultural fashion dolls created by Dr. Lisa Williams and were created to reflect an authentic representation to ensure that children of color can see their beauty and brilliance reflected back during playtime.

Hot Holiday Toys- The Fresh Dolls

The Fresh Dolls are FINALIST for Doll of the Year by the Toy Association and were JUST named one of Oprah’s Favorite things for 2020, making them THE hot holiday toys of the season. There are multiple different skin tones, hairstyles, and both genders represented. They can be purchased at Walmart, Family Dollar, and in addition to Amazon.

STEM: Gujo Adventure- $59.99

Gujo Adventure is a STEM authenticated line of building sets that will improve kids’ problem-solving skills and narrative abilities while enjoying a fun-filled play experience. The Gujo Adventure line features five building sets, including Mars Mission Rocket, Deep Sea Submarine, Mars Space Base, Temple, and Underwater Base.

STEM Toy- Gujo Adventures

Mission Mars Rocket features 245 pieces and includes a space shuttle, two figures with one astronaut helmet each, as well as multiple accessories.
 The massive 2.5-foot-tall Mission Mars Rocket delivers huge play and can be combined with other Gujo Adventure playsets. 
Each waterproof and washable construction set is made of high-quality, sturdy plastic connectors with durable plastic panels and includes relatable characters with interchangeable expressions.

Gujo Adventures is a Newsweek Best in STEM for 2020 with cartoon adventures to accompany the toys!

Pinxies- $39.99

Pinxies empowers young girls with problem-solving skills while inspiring imaginative storytelling with the help of the lovable Pinxies characters. The Pinxies line features five creative building sets, including Unicorn Barn, Marvelous Mermaid Ship, Enchanted Ice Castle, Unicorn Ice Cream Truck, and Magical Friends.

Hot Holiday Toy- Pinxies

The Unicorn Barn includes over 240 pieces and comes with three colorful unicorn friends: Koral, Lila and Finn. It also comes with training and care accessories and a sticker sheet for decorating. 
Each Pinxies set features highly detailed graphic paperboard panels and colorful plastic building links as well as a variety of accessories. 
Pinxies characters can interlock hands with each other and have interchangeable expressions to encourage storytelling for a well-rounded, educational experience. Pinxies building sets are compatible with each other for even more fun.

Budget-Friendly: Pet Starz- $14.99

These adorable pet rock stars are hot holiday toys for 2020- each comes with a unique removable collar that doubles as a bracelet so you can rock out with them everywhere you go!

Hot Holiday Toys- Pet Starz

There are two modes of play:

SONG MODE: The Pet Starz love to dance, move, and grove 360º and will show off their hilarious moves when you play the Pet Starz anthem

PLAY MODE: They’ll repeat what you say in a very cute way and will fill your days with endless fun and laughter. Perfect for the kid who loves to play shadow.

Cheers to making a list, checking it twice, and checking off your purchases early!

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Hot Holiday Toys- all under $60



  1. Marilyn Hanson
    November 9, 2020 / 8:06 am

    Wow!!! What fun toys for the kids!!!! Great writeup and good ideas for grandparents gift giving to grandchildren!!!!!

    • alldressedupwithnothingtodrink
      November 9, 2020 / 8:38 am

      YES! All of these toys are affordable in my opinion and have high “replay” value, which means they will play with them multiple times as opposed to just once!