Halloween Double-Duty Products

Halloween comes once a year, but I like to go all out for decor and everything pumpkin-related. Why not get products that can serve a purpose the rest of the year? Here are a few items that won’t stop working at the stroke of midnight on October 31st!

Four-Sided Decoration

Halloween Double-Duty: Reversible blocks for 4 holidays!

If you want a DIY project that is all set up for you, Things in Vinyl has a 4-sided Mini Stacker that includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s day for $12 on sale right now! They also have a larger version with 12 different holidaysyou can pick from for $18.

Pumpkin Carving Tool and Scooper

Halloween Double-Duty: My Safe Cutter- pumpkin carving tool and safe serrated knife

My Safe Cutter- Pampered Chef: $4.75

knife is awesome- somehow, Pampered Chef created a “safe” serrated
knife! It has a rounded point and dull serration, so kids can use it to
cut food and craft projects (think modeling clay) by themselves. And
yep, it works for carving pumpkins too. My 3 year old always wants to do
EVERYTHING by himself, include cut his own food.

Halloween Double-Duty: Scoop Loop for scooping pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers

Scoop Loop- Pampered Chef: $5.50

digging around inside the pumpkin to get every last slippery seed out?
This double-sided “scoop loop” makes it a cinch, and also works on
melons, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumbers. My mom’s friend
Cyndi is a Pampered Chef rep- easy to order from her! Links above go directly to her site.


Halloween Double-Duty: Spray paint foam pumpkins and add chevron stripes & polka dots with paint pens

If you have real or faux pumpkins lying around, spray them all one color- white, silver or gold. You can add ribbons, feathers, or jewels to make them into the ultimate Thanksgiving centerpiece. I spray painted foam pumpkins an antique gold, then added chevron stripes and polka dots with a silver paint pen.

How do you re-use your decor for different holidays?